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The historical Development of Western Wrestling an Overview

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Antonio Graceffo’s paper, The historical Development of Western Wrestling an Overview” has been published by Wrestling Roots

Abstract: A brief time-line overview of the development of western wrestling; from the oldest known image of wrestlers, dating back to 3000 BC Sumaeria, to the ancient Olympics, Pankration, the gladiatorial games, Greco-Roman wrestling, catch wrestling, modern Olympic wrestling, professional wrestling, to modern-day MMA.

3000  BC The earliest images of western wrestling were found in Sumeria, dating back to around 3000 BC. (Terry)
2600 BC A Bronze figurine of two wrestlers was found in Khafaji, Iraq which dates to around 2600 BC. (Dellinger)
2300 BC Images of wrestlers were found in an Egyptian burial tomb, dating to around 2300 BC. (Carroll)
2000 BC The Epic of Gilgamesh, written around 2000 BC, gives one of the first literary references to wrestling, when Gilgamesh wrestles against Enkidu. (Squared Circle, June, 2013)

Read the rest at Wrestling Roots

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