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Fred Schroeder backs out of pro fight

In Uncategorized on April 10, 2015 at 12:38 am

Fred and I were offered a chance by Kru Chan Reach of AFighter to have a televised professional MMA fight together in Cambodia. Fred asked me a million questions about the details of the rules and weigh-in. On April 05, Fred wrote: “I’m in USA right now and will be off the grid for a few weeks. This does look like a good opportunity. How many people in the audience you expecting?” From his many questions, it nearly sounded like he was interested in fighting. Then I didn’t hear from him for several days. So, I asked him if he was in or out. His response was “Obviously I cannot urinate on you in the ring. Will the press know your wearing my shit stained panties?”

Open Letter from Carmine Graceffo to Fred Schroeder a pilot in Shenzhen, China

Watch it on youtube

On Apr 9, 2015, I sent Fred an email with the Subject: Re: Yes or no about the fight? Fred’s response was: Sorry man June is no good. I have a Greenpeace convention to goto.

And that’s it. Fred Fredric Schroeder, the pilot and coward of Shenzhen, China, backed out of the fight again. Every time he pulls out or refuses to fight, I remember his chilling words from the past “I am a man of action” and “I’m a real fighter, you’re not.” And my favorites, “I’ll fight you when I’m ready.”

Even during this back and forth discussion of these fight arrangements he told me again how he was raping my dead mother. How does this person even believe he is a man?