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Fred Schroeder, the Coward of Shenzhen, hiding in China

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Fred smack talk new

“I hope Satan and his black angels are raping your mother in the a— as we speak” Fred Schroeder told me this. Back in October, Fred Schroeder claimed he was in Shanghai and agreed to fight me about three times during the course of a weekend, but obviously didn’t show up for any of the fights. After that, he told me he was leaving China to begin work in Khartoum. While the story sounded plausible, I wondered if it were a ruse to avoid fighting me. I called him several times, but the call didn’t connect.

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So, I thought he had either left, or blocked my phone. Today, I called his China phone from Cambodia, and he answered. So, apparently, he is still in China, and lied, once again, to avoid fighting me. I asked him why he backed out of the fight with me 22 times and his reply was “Go F— your mother.” Now that I know he is in Shenzhen, I am rerouting my return flight to China, so I can fly through Shenzhen, meet him and fight him. Please keep in mind, that one of many things he said about my dead mother was that he once told me send him a picture of my mother so he could “Make a T-shirt to commemorate the men who gang raped and killed her.” In additional to what he said about my mother, he made numerous anti-Christian comments, such as “There is no God, Antonio. It’s me. I am giving your mother communion. I am emptying the evil into her mouth right now.” Please don’t tell me to drop it. This can never end till he fights me or till I am dead.

One last attempt to arrange a fight with Fred the coward pilot of Shenzhen

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Fred fight prince


As of March 7, 2015, Fred Schroeder, of New Jersey, USA, a pilot for an airlines in Shenzhen, China, has agreed to fight Antonio Graceffo and then backed out 23 times.

Watch it on youtube

Back in June of 2014, Fred agreed to fight me on June 13 in Shenzhen. Less than 4 minutes later he sent me a text, backing out. Twenty minutes later he sent me a text saying “I will kick your ass in June.” I texted him, asking if the June fight was back on, but got no answer. Over the next several days, I called and texted repeatedly to find out if the June fight was back on, but he never answered.


August, 30, 2014: I called Fred and asked if he could fight me in September. He said that he had been at my university two weeks earlier, “Sorry I didn’t see you. I would have liked to have smashed your face.” I asked him why he didn’t call me when he was here. He claimed he didn’t have my phone number. I pointed out that we had spoken by phone and SMS thousands of times, so he definitely had my number. But his reply was, “That was a long time ago.” So, what I read into that is that when we left off in June, he had NO intention of contacting me or fighting.


Over the years he has singled out various friends of mine, who are professional fighters, saying they were gay and that he could beat them in a fight. One such friend is AJ Riccardi, who just took fourth in US national san da championship. Another is Albert Tan, a heavyweight international kyokushin fighter. I told Fred I had been in Malaysia training with Albert and he was bigger and stronger than before and would destroy Fred.


I know I should just let this go, but Fred is so despicable, I just want to destroy him. So, I tried one final time to get him to fight me. Just by communicating with this guy, I am letting evil into my eyes and ears.

August, 30, 17:27

17:28 Fred: Good to hear from you fucktard. And you enjoyed sucking off Albert Tan. When you come to Shenzhen tell me. (Albert Tan is a friend of mine who fights in international Kyokushin competitions. I don’t know why Fred singled him out, of all of my friends and keeps calling Albert gay and saying he wants to fight Albert. I warned Fred on NUMEROUS occasions that, because I am a 90% grappler, if he fights me he will probably lose, but not get hurt. But Tan is a mean striker with a body conditioned from years of Kyokushin, the most brutal martial art on the planet. If he fights Tan there is a very high probability he would get permanently injured and at the very least, he wouldn’t be able to walk for a month. Tan is my weight or more. Fred is a vegetarian and at least 10 kgs smaller than either of us. Tan specializes in kicking his opponent’s thighs with his shin bones. If Fred punches or kicks Tan to the body, Fred will get injured.)

BTW I believe if I see you I will fight you right away, I wont even wait until we make it to the gym.

17:28 Antonio: sounds perfect. can you give me a date, time and place for the fight.

17:29 Fred: when you come here.

17:30 Antonio: give me a date time and place

1731: Fred If the PhD don’t work out I’ll get you a job as a fluffer. I think you would do well since you spend half your life underneath asian men.

17:31 Antonio: date, time, and place?

17;31 Fred: by the way you have an open invitation to come to Hadian district in Beijing anytime to test your skills. (Here, Fred is referring to some martial artists he knows in Beijing. When he agreed to fight me in Beijing on September 7, 2013, he was supposed to fight me in the wrestling room at the wrestling school I was living in. Then he said he would only fight me if I first fought these two pro san da fighters in a no rules fight, in a park in Hadian district. Only then would he fight me. I was so desperate to fight him, I agreed. But then I thought better of it, and declined. It turned out, he wasn’t even in Beijing. So, the whole thing was a load of bull on his part.)


17:32 Antonio: Great now give me a date, time, and place to fight you.

17:34 Fred: At your mother’s house

17:35 Antonio: no, I mean a real date, time and place, so we can really fight. It seems you don’t actually want this fight. I have been chasing you for nearly two years but all you do is make gay jokes. Can you please fight me?

17:37 Then you come to Shenzhen call me then I’ll give ya an ass whooping understand?

17:37 no I will only come for our fight. So if you give me a time date and place then we can fight.

17:37 and I told you all this tome come to Shenzhen and fight me and you have done nothing because your simply pathetic

17:39 I agreed many times to come to Shenzhen but you backed out. So just give me a date, time, and place and then you can beat me, as you said. You agreed to fight me on June 13 in Shenzhen but then you pulled out.

17:41 when u gonna blow Tan again? I want a video.

1759 instead of your gay fantasies please give me a date, time, and place so we can fight.

17:59 Fred: your mother must be rolling over in her grave (sandwiched between to n_______s of course) crying about what a pathetic piece of shit you have become,

18:24 Antonio: date, time, and place for our fight. By the way, you have now agreed and backed out 15 times and made hundreds of gay references about wanting to watch or participate in gay sex.

18:26 Fred December 25, show time at the Apollo

18:26 Antonio: once again, a real date, time, and place, so we can actually fight. You don’t seem very good at arranging a fight.

18:27 Fred: and you seem pretty god at, ah, nothing.  So who was on top, you or tan?

18:32 Antonio: day time and place for our fight please.

18:32 Fred: by the way I meant to tell ya I was at your school about a month ago. Wish I saw you.

1834 Antonio: great, fight me, date time and place. I don’t believe you came here but if you did, why not call me to fight? A date time and place so the fight can really happen? (It later turned out he was in Shanghai during this entire exchange, but refused to come fight me again.)


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Psychological Analysis of Fred Schroeder the Coward of Shenzhen

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Fred smack talk 8

As of March 7, 2015, Fred Schroeder, of New Jersey, USA, a pilot for an airlines in Shenzhen, China, has agreed to fight me and then backed out 23 times.

Watch it on youtube

I sent a slew of Fred Schroeder’s emails to a psychiatrist to get his take on this coward who backed out of a fight with me 14.5 times, but who has clearly watched many documentaries about me, watched my videos, and read my books and stories. Fred Schroeder has clearly followed me for a number of years, and seems to know a lot of minute details about me. This would all suggest to me that he was more than a fan. He is more like a stalker. He repeatedly talks about gay sex that he wants to have with me or my teammates, and often sends me detailed descriptions of how he raped my mother. Again and again, over a period of 14 months, he has said he could beat me easily in a fight, and blamed me for the fact that we haven’t fought. I have asked him for a fight thousands of times, and every time that he has accepted, he has backed out.

A psychiatrist’s take on Fred so far:

“He secretly admires you, wants to emulate you, and his way of doing it is by crushing you. But he knows he will lose in a real fight. So he’ll never fight you, only bait you, only make you mad, make you look like a fool.”

Now that I read about his sexual fantasies. He is always teasing you, sexually so he gets to mess with you, and mentally so he gets to fuck (mess) with you……………… So he teases you about “f—ing” you and “fighting” you. He does not have the courage to do either. He will not come to confront you personally because he can’t afford the money, and if he shows his face, he knows he will be beaten by you. You will have a great victory, while he will have a great loss. He will lose his pride, his health (get beaten up), and his money (plane ticket ). So rest assured, he will never dare to show up. What a filthy swine FS he is, insulting Mom, Jesus, your manhood, your language ability. These are just pathetic attempts to provoke you, to instigate and enrage you.

I commend you for winning arguments.Yes you deserved commendation for standing and defending yourself. But it is not worth defending. Would you fight every roadside dog that barks at you? Please consider turning down future instigations the way I did, fighting fire with water. His game, his aim, is to antagonize you and drive you nuts. Don’t fight in his terms. It is way beneath you. He lives in China , does not speak Chinese. What does he do for a living? Gay whoring?

FS mentions he never backed out of a fight, and accuses you of being jealous of him, brags about being a wine taster; something about being a pilot. That much I am just sifting and reiterating back.

It looks like he is bragging about what good things he does, and it seems that he IS stalking you, carefully reading what you have read and that is how he is able to belittle you about small details about your life from your writings which you have passed on, but for him, mean a great deal, and of which he is very jealous of.

Yes, you identified it correctly that he is projecting in a severe manner, and he is trying to compete with you. Are you jealous, NO. He is the one who is jealous and he is projecting that on you. The guy just admitted he is a wino, probably drives around vineyard to vineyard, DUI, drinking , driving, disappointed with his dull life, envying your illustrious life, wishing he could be half the man you are.

He admires you, wants to be like you. With the amount of jealousy and envy that he has, he could turn out to be dangerous since he has carefully studied all about you. Continuing to respond to his challenges only escalates the tension and conflict. I had been following your heated exchanges and was amused because it reminded me of the World Wrestling champs ranting at each other before or in between matches. Now that I see you asking for advice in a 4 pp. letter full of many details and instances of actual pain, it ceases to be amusing and I realize this is getting complicated.

Let me summarize and conclude. He secretly admires you, wants to emulate you, and his way of doing it is by crushing you. But he knows he will lose in a real fight. So he’ll never fight you, only bait you, only make you mad, make you look like a fool.

About the Feud

Fred Schroeder, a pilot for an airlines in Shenzhen, China has been telling the Brooklyn Monk, Antonio Graceffo that he can beat Antonio easily in a fight, since March, 2013. The first time the two were scheduled to fight was April, 2013, but Fred Schroeder, the coward of Shenzhen, backed out. Since then, Fred has agreed to fight 13 more times, but backed out. The last time the two had any contact was when Fred sent a text message to Antonio, saying that he would kick Antonio’s butt in June, 2014. Antonio has tried repeatedly to confirm if this was a legitimate offer to fight, but as of June 7, 2014, Fred has not confirmed.