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Fred Schroeder Coward of Shenzhen and his only fan, Casca Mercenario

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Fred fight prince

As of March 7, 2015, Fred Schroeder, of New Jersey, USA, a pilot for an airlines in Shenzhen, China, has agreed to fight Antonio Graceffo and then backed out 23 times.

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A guy in Malaysia, who hates me, named Casca Mercenario, thought Fred Schroeder, the cowardly pilot from Shenzhen, was actually going to fight me. So, Casca started writing to Fred, on Facebook, encouraging him to finally knock my block off. One of the many reasons Casca doesn’t like me is because I beat him in a gym fight. So, he decided I am a terrible fighter and wanted someone else to kick my butt.
This is all internet logic, by the way. It makes no sense to anyone who exists in the real world. If I am such a terrible fighter, why didn’t Casca just beat me himself? Or, why didn’t Fred fight me back in 2013, when he first said he could beat me easily?
At first, Casca was very supportive of Fred, telling Fred that, although he had never seen Fred train or fight, he knew for sure that Fred could beat me. Around this time, Fred sent me a message saying, “Many people wrote to me and want to see me kick your butt on March 13.” This was when Fred agreed to fight me on March 13th, 2014. Of course, he backed out, and the fight never happened. But he apparently used some alternative means of counting where “one” is equal to “many”, because, as far as I know, NO ONE ELSE was rooting for Fred to win , after he had backed out so many times and after he had posted gay pornography on my Facebook page and after he had said so many horrible things about raping my mother.
This is all internet logic, by the way. It makes no sense to anyone who exists in the real world. If I am such a terrible fighter, why didn’t Casca just beat me himself? Or, why didn’t Fred fight me back in 2013, when he first said he could beat me easily?
March 13 came and went, and Fred didn’t fight me. Fred agreed to fight me in a street fight on March 30th, but then pulled out. Then Casca tried to get him to fight me for April 11, another fight that Fred agreed to, but then pulled out. Each time Casca asked why Fred pulled out, Fred simply claimed that he didn’t. But this makes no sense, since Fred did agree to fight me, and he never fought me.
During the course of all of their exchanges Fred told Casca a number of lies which conflicted with lies he told me. For example, he told Casca on April 9, “I have way more access to training partners and the tools I need to fight this fucktard. It’s just a matter of time” I train at Shanghai sports university full time. I can’t imagine Fred has a better place to train in Shenzhen. We are number three in the country behind Xian and Beijing sports universities. And Fred doesn’t train full time.
April 9, he also told Casca “No I never backed out. No he never came to Shenzhen. If he would come here tomorrow I would fight the prick.” First off, he backed out 14.5 times and I have the email evidence to prove it. Two of the times he backed out my coach was involved in setting up the fight, so I also have witnesses. As for me going to Shenzhen, that was never part of the deal. But after March, 2014, I finally gave in and said I would fight him in Shenzhen if he could give me the name, address, phone number, date, and time of the venue. He didn’t. We missed two dates in Shenzhen simply because he refused to tell me where and when the fight would be held.
Eventually, even Casca, a guy who hates me, couldn’t get past the fact that Fred, the tough guy, had been ducking this fight for over a year and was obviously a frightened little girl. When Casca started pestering Fred about why he didn’t fight, Fred became rude to Casca.
Casca came back with “I guess you’re just chicken shit. You wasted my time. I thought you were a hero. But you are just as scared of Antonio as all those other guys.” (April 22nd, 9:57pm). Because Fred didn’t respond, Casca took it up a notch, “Man You shut up the minute I asked you about actually fighting him. You are a little faggot keyboard warrior. Pathetic piece of shit. You talked so big but you’re just scared.”
Fred’s final message to Casca, before blocking him on Facebook, on Friday 9:36pm
FRED: Casca, if I saw you right now I would break your neck off and stick it in your ass
You and that faggot antonio can go f–k each other in the ass until you die. Don’t contact me again you stupid f–k.”
And with that, Fred lost his only friend. Casca then emailed me a full transcript of their conversations.
I find it disturbing that Fred so frequently talks about gay sex acts that he wants to commit on me or wants my friends to commit on him or that he wishes we would commit on each other. If I made a list of all of the people I have ever known, it would most likely be in the thousands. And yet, NONE of them ever said all of these negative, horrible, disturbing gay sex things.
Also, if you read between the lines, isn’t he challenging Casca to a fight? And if so, why did he block Casca? How will that fight ever happen now?
Ah, Fred, would that this were over. But it will go on like this for the rest of your life.
To date, not sure if the funniest thing he ever said to me was “I’ll fight you when I’m ready” or “You f—ed with the wrong guy, Antonio
As of this writing, June 5, 2014, Fred has backed out 14.5 times.

The full Casca exchanges
Fred agreed to fight me on Friday March 21, in Shanghai, so I added him back on facebook. He immediately posted gay pornography on my page. So I blocked him. Then, my friend C made friends with him on facebook and is pumping him up, encouraging him to fight me.
Casca: Hey, are you going to fight that blowhard Antonio in March. They are organizing a fight in Shanghai and I bet a lot of people would love to see you kick his ass. His the info
The Battle of Shanghai MMA, BJJ, and Muay Thai smoker fight, Thursday evening, March 13, at 7 PM, at Fighters Unite Shanghai, contact Silas Maynard on Facebook
Monday 10:06pm
Fred: Hi Cascaa, sorry this went to my other messages folder. Your exactly right, blowhard is an understatement. Have you ever met him? Yes we will fight, i have offered him MANY times to come to shenzhen. So it looks like im gonna have to get to SHanghai eventually. He never stops talking shit, never!
Tuesday 8:06am
Casca: Wow he is a jerk. why didnt you guys fight on March 13? I bet he just stayed in his house that night.
Tuesday 3:53pm
Fred: I was in use until the 6th (My note fred returned to china on march 6th, that doesn’t explain why he didn’t fight me on the 13th or at any time in the previous year)
Fred: Have u ever actually met him?
Tuesday 7:24pm
Casca: Yes, i have been in the gym with him. he is a huge loudmouth. he doesnt like to train he just comes in and spars. usually he will spar like 5 or 6 guys in a row without stopping. all the coaches like that but i think hee is a jerk
Tuesday 10:59pm
Fred: Where are you now? In china? Yes he has got to be one of the most arrogant pricks I have met. He is beyond self centered and loves to start shit between people. I bet the only friends he really had are his Facebook fans
2 hours ago
Casca: I knew him in Johor bahru. he is such an asshole he walked in our gym and just because he could beat the shit out of everyone the coach made him the assistant trainer then he kept fight and winning and no one wanted to fight him but i wanted to see him get KOd About fans, he has a lot in malaysia, everyone knows him some people hate him but most people are so stupid and desperate they support him
Fred: So there wasn’t one guy who could beat him at your gym? I’m not very impressed with him. But he does seem strong and can take some punishment but besides that it seems like when he charges in at people that get nervous and kind of just react.
Casca: He thinks because he speaks so many languages like he is some god
Fred: I actually never met him. And he and I met online years ago. He asked me for a place to stay as we was thinking of coming to Shenzhen. I even let him use my VPN for free for months ( not a big deal) but he just shits all over people and all he cares about is his self image
Fred: He is not very tall but looks stocky
Casca: he is shortbut he is built like a bull and even i saw one professional karate guy kick him right in the face and he just took the guy down and beat the shit out of him but then he always talks how strong he is
Casca: Kim Lee Tan could probably beat him, but they were training partners. kim had about 30 fights then he retired and is now a referee for One Fc
Fred: Did you spar with Antonio?
Casca: yeah, he kept throwing me down and laughing at me he didnt even punch or anything, just kept throwing me please kick his ass just because he can wrestle, he thinks he can walk aroundd saying he speak 20 languages or some shit.
Fred: Lmfao
Fred: What a prick
Casca: i want to see him get his ass kicked but he just takes the guys down yeah he is a prick but unfortunately his wrestling is really good
Fred: Maybe so, but that doesn’t mean he also can’t be taken down (ME, so his strategy is to try and take me down? What a terrible idea.)
Fred: And while his wrestling is good I don’t see his submissions as anything good
Fred: When he closed the distance and has someone in the clinch I never seen anyone using their shoulder or elbows. Antonio’s dominant from the clinch. That’s about it
Casca: yeah he doesnt usually win by submissionyeah trueonly clincch is good
Fred: I bet there are many people that talk behind his back
Fred: Because they really don’t like him
Casca: sure lots of people hate him because he talks about education and phd and languages who the fuck does he thing he is
Fred: Yea, like he is a walking encyclopedia. It’s one thing to be smart and humble, it’s another to be smart and be a jackass like him
Fred: I called him on the phone today. I’m trying to set something up
(Fred called me at this point and asked me to fight him Friday in Shenzhen. Periodically, after backing out of a fight with me, he then says, “Why do we have to fight in your gym and your ring? So, I agree we can fight in Shenzhen if he can arrange a ring, and he never can. This time, he claims there is a ring, but he wont give me the name, address, phone number or contact person for the gym so I can verify that he actually set anything up. In the end, he won’t set it up. So, I won’t fly to Shenzhen, and he will claim I backed out. But funny having that conversation with him on the phone, while having this Facebook chat with him)
Casca: good when are you going to fight him?
Fred: I hope by the summer (Antonio note, when he called me it was fight that week, on Friday, not in summer. He never mentioned summer)
Casca: wow cool and you are right his submissions are bad all you have to do is take HIM down, get on top, control him and you can submit him
Fred: I hope to rock him with elbows and kick the hell out of his knees
Casca: yeah goodhe has bad knees
Fred: I heard that he does
Casca: i wonder why no one did that before? (Antonio note, laughing so hard I can barely type)
Fred: Don’t know
Casca: the only thing, you gotta kick quick
Casca: he always ties those guys up fast
Fred: He comes straight forward
Casca: yup predictable
Fred: Very predictable
Casca: yeah always the same moves sounds like you got his number, why didnt you fight him last year?
Fred: Wasn’t ready to be honest
Casca: oh ok but a bunch of times you guys said on his page that you were fighting
Fred: He has this way of getting under my skin and trying to force me to do things
Casca: yeah he is a complete asshole i dont got a better word, asshole
Fred: And then I just wind up getting pissed off because he is such an asshole
Fred: Lol
Casca: but if you were pissed why not kick his assi really want to see itcan you make a video?
Fred: Then what he will do is completely turn things around
Fred: I wanted to badly. But I know it’s foolish to fight someone when there is any doubt you can lose
Fred: Sure I will
Casca: cool but you know how to beat him sounds like a great plan kick that knee right out from under him fuck he might never fight again
Fred: Lol
Casc:a you’d like that
Fred: Let’s see how it goes
Casca: i know i would
Casca: I would just like to shut him the hell up
Casca i knew when i saw you on his page you were no pussyyou dont take his shitand you said you knew how to beat a wrestlerso i was like, good i’ll bet on that guy
Fred: Thanks. Yes I don’t. Everyone else seems to but I won’t
Casca: yeah they all kiss his ass
Fred: One of my best friends is a two time NCAA years ago
Fred: who cares how many fights he won
Fred I’m not stupid
Casca: wow you know a NCAA wrestlershit you must be good
Fred I’m good at staying on my feet. He outweighs me by 10 or 8 kilo. Not much. I am 7 years younger. And tons more faster then him (Me more faster? Also two seconds ago he said he was going to take me down.)
Casca: and antonio aint no NCAA
Casca: you know he’s not even the best one on his university wrestling team
Fred: Lol
Casca: he talked about it on facebook some of those college wrestlers are better than him so its not like he’s a champion
Fred: And just so you know, I have nothing against anyone who is gay. But when he pissed me off I would always tell him what a faggot he is because I never seen him with a woman.
Fred: Plus he calls himself a monk
Casca: good ffor yo
Casca: He ain’t monk
Casca: yeah and that language shit he talks is a lie
Fred: Probably
Casca: yeah his mandarine is like perfectbut he cant speak cantonese or haka
Fred: Lol
Cascaa: what a fuckin loser spanish and italain are a no brainer, dudes parents come from italy or some crap so whats the big deal?
Fred: Lol
Fred: Don’t know
Fred I gotta goto a company meeting now. Catch up later and good talking to you
(Antonio note: March 21: Dance, my puppets, dance. My fake Facebook profile, Cascaa, told Fred “Antonio is so full of shit. He ain’t no linguist. Sure his Mandarin is nearly perfect, but he doesn’t speak any Cantonese or even Haka.” Today, I went on youtuube and a brand new youtube account had commented on my Chinese presentation video “How about Cantonese or even Hakka?” It’s such a random thing to post on my video, I have to believe it’s Fred. Most people have never even heard of Haka. I wonder what else I can make him do? His fake youtube account is Frikandel Kroket1 )
Casca: That asshole must have brain damage. He is telling everyone you agreed to fight him today but you backed out. I know that isn’t true.
Fred: Sorry fb is banned in china and I don’t always get on. He must have emailed me like 6 times today what a fkin pain in the ass. I told him I was gonna to the gym today to see about getting the ring set up for us since this pussy don’t wanna fight on the street
Casca: Ok so did you set up the fight? when is it
Casca: 23 march
Casca: He’s on facebook saying you backed out of the fight 9 times and you said terrible things about his mom. he is such a didnt do that, did you?
Fred: Sorry I’m half asleep. No I didn’t back out of a fight.
Monday 6:06pm
Casca: Oh, so you guys never had a date to fight? because he had a list of dates that you were supposed to fight but I checked the video, he was fighting someone else.anyway, are you going to fight him in April? That would be cool.
7 hours ago
Casca: Antonio just said you agreed to fight him in April if he gave you head. Are you fighting him in April?
Fred: Hi. Sorry as fb is blocked in china and I’m very busy these days. I am going Friday to check out a ring that is here in sz. As I told him many times this fight will most likely happen over the summer. He is such a bullshitter it’s unbelievable
18 minutes ago
Casca: ok i hought something like thathe said you agreed to fight him like 9 times and quit. the asshole.just curious, why dont you just knock his ass out at fight night in april?
Chat Conversation End
(MY note: I had been planning all along to feed into Fred’s delusions and his adolescent fantasies by confirming everything I knew he already believed in. In a conversation with Antonio, Fred said that he believed Taekwondo guys were better fighters than san da guys. Which is preposterous since taekwondo has no punching, no combinations, no low kicks, no grappling, no throwing, and they don’t fight for money. anyway, in a separate conversation he told Cascaa that he thought Antonio had a bad knee and all he had to do was kick it once and it would explode. So, Cascaa just sent Fred an email saying that a Taekwondo guy kicked Antonio’s knee and it exploded. And now is Fred’s chance to fight Antonio. The strategy may backfire though. Fred allegedly believed he could beat Antonio this whole time and yet didn’t fight him. So, maybe even if he thought Antonio was crippled he still wouldn’t agree to fight.)
March 31, 2014
Casca: Dude!!! Guess who just got his ass kicked by some taekwando guy at the university and probably has to have knee surgery!
Fred: ??
Fred: Antonio
6 minutes ago
Casca: Yes, this is your cance man. fight himhis knee is fuckedmy cousin told me he cant even walk.that smartass finally got what was coming to himand now you can shut him up the rest of the way.
Fred: How did this happen
Casca: my cousin goes to that sports kindergarten antonio brags about he said antonio was shooting off his mouth about what a great fighter he was and how other martial arts sucked
Fred: Today?
Casca: yeah
Fred: So they fought ?
Casca: yeah a tKD team member got sick of antonios crap and they fought and he kicked antonios knee once
Fred: What kind of fight?
Casca: and fatasss had to be carried outi dont know i wasnt there just my cousin told me but i guess not mma or antonio would have taken him down dude opened his mouth one too many
Fred: Lmfao
Fred: Would love to see pics
Casca: i dont know if there are anybut he will need surgery and allso this is your chancefight the sonofabitch
Fred: It is that bad?
Casca: yeah his knee explodeddude it was a taekwando guythey are the best kickers
Fred: I’m surprised he didn’t write about it on fb
Casca: and antonio is like 67 years old and has bad kneeshe probably will keep it secretbecause he is so arroganthe’s not gooing to admit something like that
Fred: Dude had a very long day to do very bad weather here in Shenzhen. Gotta get some sleep. I will be in touch this week
Casca: ok but this is your shot manshut that fucker up forever
Chat Conversation End
Seen 8:41pm
Fred: With or without his knee fucked up doesn’t make a diff in the long run. I just want the chance to have a fair fight with him
Casca: yeah of course you could always beat him but this is even better for you
yeah of course you could always beat him but this is even better for you
(Fred emailed Antonio to confirm the TKD incident. This is where I screwed up a bit in my planning. Antonio, of course, had to deny that the incident happened. But meanwhile, I needed to make the incident true, so Fred would believe I was injured and fight me. I could kill Casca for putting me in this position. Fred then sent Antonio’s email response to Casca.)
Fred: From Antonio
No idea what you are talking about. I sparred eight rounds of san da today. by the way, did you fill out your form to fight me on April 11?
April 1st, 9:05am
Casca: he doesnt want to admit he got his ass kicked you know anyone could just beat his ass. you said ” I just want the chance to have a fair fight with him” so why did you turn down all of the times he tried to fight you for a year?

FRED: Casca. 1. He is the one that challenged me. I offered him many times to come to Shenzhen. I even offered to pay that poor bastards ticket. 2. I have a full time job. I don’t have always the time off to do the things I want. 3. I told him numerous times let’s settle this like men, but he wanted it in a gym, in shanghai, on his terms but the motherfucker is the one who ran his mouth and challenged me. 4. Don’t think for one second that because I don’t post things here on Facebook that I’m sitting here doing nothing. I have way more access to training partners and the tools I need to fight this fucktard. It’s just a matter of time
April 1st, 10:50pm
Casca: so you agreed to fight him several times but then you didnt fight him i still dont understand why you did that now he is posting about april 11are you going to fight him then?it sounds like you are ready.
April 2nd, 10:30pm
Casca: are you going to fight him on the 11th or do you need to wait more than a year?
Your training is better than his? Cool. where do you train?
April 4th, 8:05am
Fred: I asked meathead about you and this was his response
A jealous jerk I knew in johor bahru. he didnt like me, but he couldnt beat me physically, so he talks crap about me, similarly to the way you call me insulting names and talk about raping my mother because you can’t beat me in a fight
Casca: that guy is an ass. i can beta him. so can you. by the way, where do you train? Are you going to fight him on the 11th? I am dying to see someone kick his ass, and anyone could.
April 7th, 9:48am
Casca: Are you going to fight Antonio on April 11? WOuld love to see you finally shut him up.
April 8th, 8:21pm
Casca: Fred, tell me the truth. are you scared of Antonio? You have backed out so many times. and now it looks like you won’t fight him on April 11. Why?
Fred: Casca, do me a favour. I realize we both cannot stand this fuck. And yes I will fight him. However I have a full time job, lived in another city, and asked him many times to come since he challenge me. So pls stop asking me. When it happens it happens
April 9th, 9:49pm
Casca: But why did you back out so many times? on your facebook you went on holiday and you had time to go many places You mean in a whole year you never had a day off? also, why did you agree to fight him and back out? Grom 2
Fred: how many times do I need to explain this to you. No I never backed out. No he never came to Shenzhen. If he would come here tomorrow I would fight the prick. So please stop asking me the same questions
Casca: But you agreed to fight him last year I saw even the gym was making the poster and you agreed to fight him a couple more times Dont you remember? He got his stupid coach involved and you posted on your page you were fighting him last april but he fought theat tomato can Aj instead
April 10th, 9:37am
Casca: That asshole posted, saying you backed out 12 times. But I know i8t couldn’t have been more than 2 or 3 times, 4 at the max. so you should break his jaw.
Fred: Patience. He can write whatever he wants. He is scared to come to Shenzhen
April 10th, 11:08pm
Casca: but why did you agree to fight him so many times and back out?It doesnt really seem like you want to fight him.
April 12th, 10:28pm
You’ve been really quiet. I said, it doesn’t seem like you want to fight him because he offered for a year and you backed out every single you have a response for that?
April 14th, 9:46pm
Casca: It just seems you are scared of Antonio because you turned down all his offers to fight for a year and then you backed out a bunch of times after agreeing to fight. Do you have any kind of response?
April 17th, 10:04pm
Casca: If you wanted to fight him so bad why did you back out so many times and wait a whole year?
April 22nd, 9:57pm
Casca: I guess your just chicken shit. You wasted my time. I thought you were a hero. but you are just as scared of Antonio as all those other guys.
Friday 9:36pm
Casca: Man You shut up the minute I asked you about actually fighting him.You are a little faggot keyboard warrior.pathetic piece of talked so big but you’re just scared.
Fred responded:
Cascaa, if I saw you right now I would break your neck off and stick it in your ass
You and that faggot antonio can go fuck each other in the ass until you die
Don’t contact me again you stupid fuck
Chat Conversation End
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