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Fredrick Schroeder CIA Fighter Pilot?

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Fred Coward 2

Fredrick Schroeder, formerly a pilot for Shenzhen Airlines, now claims to be flying combat missions in Libya. To obtain this position, Schroeder claims he had to be approved by both the FBI and CIA. If the story is a lie, then he is grossly delusional. If it is true, I suspect he shouldn’t be telling people about it.

If you’ve been following the sad tale of Fred Schroeder over the last three years, you would know he agreed to fight me, but backed out 27 times. At least three of those fights were pro fights, two of which, tickets were already on sale for, another one was a TV fight. Apparently somewhere between talking on the internet and actually showing up and fighting, Fred’s balls took a detour. In between each of these fights he sends me messages and calls me telling me that satan is raping my mother who died when I was a baby. He also said he dug up her corpse and raped it. He insults the Christian religion and tells me that he is God. As payment for agreeing to show up for one of our fights, he asked for a photo of my dead mother which he then defiled and emailed back to me. On another occasion he asked for the location of her grave so he could “drop a deuce on it”. Through this entire process, he has maintained the fiction that he can beat me easily and that he is not afraid of me. He has said repeatedly that he will kill me and rape me, although he never shows up for these fights.

At one point, Fred told me that he had moved to Khartoum to work as a pilot. A few months ago, there was an internet rumor that he had gone to somewhere in the Middle East to be a combat pilot, having lied about his qualifications. The story said that it didn’t take his employers long to find out he was unqualified, and he was fired. More recently, he told me directly that he was flying combat missions in Libya and that he had to be approved by both the CIA and FBI. Fred also said that his social media was being monitored and that I would be in trouble for asking why he has never showed up at any of our scheduled fights. On the same, allegedly, monitored social media, he threatened my life, agreed to fight and backed out, and said something violently sexual about my mother and some of my friends. if his social media is being monitored it is obviously not monitored for morality.

A military psychiatrist reviewed a collection of the messages which Fred sent me and his determination was that Fred is seriously disturbed and shouldn’t be flying a plane. Fred’s ex-friend from high school reported Fred to the FAA and said that he was unfit to fly. The friend then told me that Fred is bi-polar. When I asked Fred if his new employers were aware of his being bi-polar and if they were fine with that, he said that they were aware and that they “don’t care.”

The transcript of the latest social media exchanges are available upon request. Previous exchanges, insults, threats, and fight dates are available online simply by Googling Fred Pilot Schroeder, the coward.

Will Fred ever fight me? Is he a CIA operative? Is his cover blown? Will the FAA finally realize that he is incredibly disturbed and pull his license? Stay tuned to find out.
Hey Fred Schroeder, please fight Antonio “Brooklyn Monk” Graceffo

Fred Schroeder backs out of pro fight

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Fred and I were offered a chance by Kru Chan Reach of AFighter to have a televised professional MMA fight together in Cambodia. Fred asked me a million questions about the details of the rules and weigh-in. On April 05, Fred wrote: “I’m in USA right now and will be off the grid for a few weeks. This does look like a good opportunity. How many people in the audience you expecting?” From his many questions, it nearly sounded like he was interested in fighting. Then I didn’t hear from him for several days. So, I asked him if he was in or out. His response was “Obviously I cannot urinate on you in the ring. Will the press know your wearing my shit stained panties?”

Open Letter from Carmine Graceffo to Fred Schroeder a pilot in Shenzhen, China

Watch it on youtube

On Apr 9, 2015, I sent Fred an email with the Subject: Re: Yes or no about the fight? Fred’s response was: Sorry man June is no good. I have a Greenpeace convention to goto.

And that’s it. Fred Fredric Schroeder, the pilot and coward of Shenzhen, China, backed out of the fight again. Every time he pulls out or refuses to fight, I remember his chilling words from the past “I am a man of action” and “I’m a real fighter, you’re not.” And my favorites, “I’ll fight you when I’m ready.”

Even during this back and forth discussion of these fight arrangements he told me again how he was raping my dead mother. How does this person even believe he is a man?