TV Fight offer for Fred Schroeder the pilot coward of Shenzhen

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Fred Schroeder,

The bad news is that you are known around the world as a coward and a no-show for fights. The good news is, you are being given an opportunity that most 41 year old people with no fight training or experience would never get, namely the chance to fight in a cage on TV. There has been enough build up for the fight on Facebook and social media over the last two years that people all over Asia want to finally see this fight happen. Khmer TV just signed a contract for a series of professional MMA fights which will be broadcast all over Asia on cable. The fight will also give you a permanent professional fight record on Sherdog. So, in the future, instead of just bragging about being a fighter and a man of action, you will actually be one. Because I have a bit of a following, the fight will be covered by a lot of international media, with articles and photos, press conference, weigh-in…The whole shebang. It will be a small taste of what it’s like to be a real pro.

In July, 2013, you were a no-show after agreeing to fight me at the Shaolin Temple. I think missing that fight was a huge mistake on your part. For the rest of your life you could have been the guy who fought the Brooklyn Monk at the Shaolin Temple. Now, you have an even bigger opportunity, a big TV fight. And I already thought of how you can spin this to save your balls from ridicule. You can claim that the whole two years of net battles and pullouts was a strategy to build a gate and get a televised fight.

It looks to me like this is a win, win, win situation. You get a small portion of your manhood back, I get my fight, and we both get on TV. And of course, as you have said several times, you will win in eight seconds. So, you will get that honor, and “everyone will laugh at” me, as you said.

If you agree to this fight, however, you can’t just pull out again, like you did the other 25 times. There are sponsors, cable TV, and promoters to be considered. If you agree, you have to go through with it. Obviously, we will schedule two opponents for me for that night, as you will most likely not show up, but still it would reflect badly on you and quite publicly.

Please let me know if you are interested. This is your big chance to shut me up for good. Remember, you said you’re kicking to kick all my teeth out and break my jaw. And you said that after the fight you were going to violate me orally and then rape my mother’s corps. It looks to me like you have a lot to look forward to.

Antonio Graceffo

Open Letter from Carmine Graceffo to Fred Schroeder a pilot in Shenzhen, China

Watch it on youtube

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