Open Letter from Carmine Graceffo to Fred Schroeder a pilot in Shenzhen, China

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Carmine Graceffo

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Mr. Schroeder,

My name is Carmine Graceffo, Patriarca della fondazione della famiglia Graceffo in America. I am the zio of Antonio Graceffo and the older brother of late morta Adrianna Graceffo.

You disonorato adianna in messages, for a periodo of two years. Antonio showed your messages to our family circolo and we are very furioso. The words you write are orribili. Vili, puramente cattive. Why do you write such infamia about the dead woman?

Our family is very traditionale. We believe that ——when you speak ill of the dead,— you disturb their sleep. Why do you want to do this to my sorella? My sister, Adrianna was una santa. She died very young by a terrible cancer. She sofferto much pain. She ha urlato ——–scream and cried till the morfina— didn’t help anymore. I saw your message saying that you “tea-bagged her to shut her up.”

Mio nipote Antonio had to explain tea-bag to me. —–You are pazzo, a very disturbed man. No one the family circolo can believe a man can think so much cativo evil. I understand you agreed to fight my nipote Antonio 24 times, — but you are a cordardo! —afraid–and you ran away.

In Italia, we say a man is two things, —- his word —- and his balls. But you have broken both. Rompi coglioni. You are senza palle! No balls! A man with no balls is no man. Is not a man. I wish I can fight you myself, but I am nearly 80 years old. I know you like to fight a dead woman. Maybe you can also fight an old man.

Antonio showed us the photo you made of my sister. You added a grosso pene, big penis, on the picture of my dead sister. ANIMALE! You are pazzo. Villano. You are not a man.

Perfavore, ti prego—-please fight my nipote Antonio! ——For the honor of his dead mamma.


Carmine Graceffo
Patriarca della fondazione della famiglia Graceffo

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