Open Letter from Carmine Graceffo to Fred Schroeder a pilot in Shenzhen, China

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Carmine Graceffo
Graceffo Foundation in America

RE: “Antonia’s mother is getting f–ked by many people in hell right now.” Fred Schroeder February 08, 2015, 21:54

Mr. Schroeder,

My name is Carmine Graceffo, Patriarch of the Graceffo Family Foundation in America. I am the uncle of Antonio Graceffo and the older brother of the late Adrianna Graceffo who you besmirched in a series of emails and messages, spanning a period of nearly two years.

Antonio made your words known to our family circle and we are more than incensed.

“There is no God, Antonio, it’s me. I am giving your mother communion. I’m emptying the evil into her mouth right now.” Fred Schroeder

Watch it on youtube

“Satan and his black angels are as raping your mother in Hell as we speak.” Fred Schroeder

“Send me your mother’s picture. I want to make a T-shirt of it to commemorate the men who gang raped and killed her.” Fred Schroeder

The words you have written are beyond horrible. Vile, pure evil don’t even begin to describe the horror of someone writing such infamnia about the dead. Our family is in many ways very traditional. We believe that when you speak ill of the dead, you disturb their slumber.

Why would you want to do this to my sister? My sister, Adrianna was a saint. She was taken very young by a horrible and painful cancer. She screamed and cried until the morphine no longer worker. I saw one of your messages saying that you “tea bagged her to shut her up.” My nephew had to explain that to me. You are a very disturbed man, Mr. Schroeder. None of us in the family circle are able to believe that someone would think such things, much less, say them.

I understand you have reneged on your promise to fight my nephew some 23 times. I wish could challenge you myself, but as I am nearly eighty years old, I cannot. Seeing that you enjoy insulting a dead woman, I imagine you would be willing to fight an eighty year old man. Antonio showed us the photo that you made of my sister to which you have added an image of a large, male member. Animale! Are you insane? Why would any human being do this?

I don’t know you, and I actually hope never to see a man such as yourself or even remember that such people walk this Earth, and yet I am going to make two requests: The first, that you allow my nephew his day of revenge. Please fight him for the sake of the soul and honor of his mother. The family circle have met, read your messages, and agreed to fund Antonio’s ticket to any destination on the planet Earth to fight you for the honor of Adrianna. As this is an honor fight, we agree to your terms of no rules and no referee. The only request we make is that the fight be held in doors, rather than outdoors, as you are both guests in a foreign country, living at the mercy of your visas. Running afoul of the immigration authorities would do neither of you any good. So, please consent to fight my nephew in doors.

In the shameful mountain of correspondence you sent to my nephew you, at various times, claimed to be a member of a gym, looking for a gym, training full time, not training at all, starting training, having back surgery and unable to train, busy with work and unable to train, buy with work and unable to fight, training at a fictitious gym which could not be verified by a search, training and ready to fight, and yet you backed out each time you agreed to fight. You claimed to have several coaches, no coaches, better coaches than my nephew, coaches with no names, coaches with names that made no sense, such as Fred Snowden and Al Sharpton … Clearly most, or all of these statements must be lies, as they are contradictory. If you actually are a member of a fighting gymnasium or club of some kind, please schedule the fight there, and I will ensure that my nephew arrives on time. If you do not have a gym or other suitable location, then allow my nephew to arrange the fight in his city. I understand he is affiliated with a number of training facilities there as both a trainer and a trainee. But either way, please let us resolve this issue as soon as possible and let lie in the past.

In addition to finally going through with this fight and putting an end to this nonsense, next, please respond to this email with an explanation of why you thought you were justified to say such things about Adrianna Graceffo.

Awaiting your reply,

Carmine Graceffo
Patriarch of the Graceffo Family Foundation

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