Fred Schroeder, the Coward of Shenzhen, hiding in China

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Fred smack talk new

“I hope Satan and his black angels are raping your mother in the a— as we speak” Fred Schroeder told me this. Back in October, Fred Schroeder claimed he was in Shanghai and agreed to fight me about three times during the course of a weekend, but obviously didn’t show up for any of the fights. After that, he told me he was leaving China to begin work in Khartoum. While the story sounded plausible, I wondered if it were a ruse to avoid fighting me. I called him several times, but the call didn’t connect.

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So, I thought he had either left, or blocked my phone. Today, I called his China phone from Cambodia, and he answered. So, apparently, he is still in China, and lied, once again, to avoid fighting me. I asked him why he backed out of the fight with me 22 times and his reply was “Go F— your mother.” Now that I know he is in Shenzhen, I am rerouting my return flight to China, so I can fly through Shenzhen, meet him and fight him. Please keep in mind, that one of many things he said about my dead mother was that he once told me send him a picture of my mother so he could “Make a T-shirt to commemorate the men who gang raped and killed her.” In additional to what he said about my mother, he made numerous anti-Christian comments, such as “There is no God, Antonio. It’s me. I am giving your mother communion. I am emptying the evil into her mouth right now.” Please don’t tell me to drop it. This can never end till he fights me or till I am dead.

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