Fred Schroeder sets new record for backing out of a fight

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Fred fight prince

Fred balls

As of March 7, 2015, Fred Schroeder, of New Jersey, USA, a pilot for an airlines in Shenzhen, China, has agreed to fight Antonio Graceffo and then backed out 23 times.

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Pilot Fred Schroeder, the Coward of Shenzhen has set a new record for cowardice. As of 25 May, he has agreed, then pulled out of a fight with Antonio Graceffo 14.5 times. Number 14 only took 4 minutes from the time he confirmed the fight to the time he pulled out. As for the .5, he later texted, saying “I’ll knock your teeth out when I get back to Shanghai in June.” Antonio immediately responded, asking Fred to confirm that the fight was back on for June, but to date, Fred has not confirmed.

May 19, 2014 Less than four minutes after agreeing, by phone to contact me by 12 June, to set a fight for us in Hong Kong, presumably the next week, Fred sent text saying, “Let’s change it to December”. That’s a new record! This fight stayed scheduled ten minutes before he put it off for seven months. I instantly sent a response “That’s fourteen” Because that is the 14th time he backed out of the fight with me.

20 May, 2014: After having called me yesterday to arrange a fight in June, then pulling out less than four minutes later, Fred Schroeder had the balls to text me again tonight saying “I’ll knock your teeth out when I get back to Shanghai in June.” So, I told him, “NO you won’t. remember you are scared of me. You’ve been ducking this fight for a year.”

Fred: “Do you have a learning disability or down syndrome? You look like you do?”
Antonio: “You already said you can’t fight me in June. Make up your mind. Will you fight me in June or not?”
Fred: “Yes, I will fight you. I’m way stronger than you are or ever will be mentally and physically. Hang it up already. “
Antonio note, I have heard this one before. He says “Yes, I will fight you.” But doesn’t specify a date, so he can weasel out.
Yesterday, you backed out and said you wouldn’t fight me in June. No learning disability, just a keen perception for the obvious.”
Fred: “Obviously retarded.”
Antonio: “If you actually want to fighting me in June, I need you to write a whole sentence, ‘Yes, I will fight you in June.”

Of course he didn’t respond. Riddle: Do you know how to get Fred to shut up? Answer: Ask him to commit to a fight.

Sadly he is in such denial that he believes he has never backed out of a fight, including yesterday. And he may actually believe he wants to fight me in June, but he won’t. And, if I bring it up, he will deny he ever said it. I seriously suspect he is either mentally unbalanced or a drug or alcohol abuser. Perhaps he really believes he hasn’t been ducking this fight for more than a year, and that he backed out 14 times.

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