Fred Schroeder the Coward of Shenzhen (Part 3 of Infinity)

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Fred smack talk 8

Watch it on youtube

A86 John Wayne 1b

As of March 7, 2015, Fred Schroeder, of New Jersey, USA, a pilot for an airlines in Shenzhen, China, has agreed to fight Antonio Graceffo and then backed out 23 times.

Fred Schroeder threatened to have me deported if I used his real name. So, I changed it to Fred Schroeder. But we all know who the Coward of Shenzhen is, it’s pilot Fred Schroeder.

Fred balls

Fred Schroeder, a pilot in Shenzhen, China has been harassing and insulting me for a year, repeatedly telling me he will beat me in an MMA fight. As of May 19, 2014, Fred has agreed to fight, but then now pulled out 14 times, and his latest one took less than four minutes. I guess with all that practice he got better at it.

In Lieu of fighting me, pilot Fred Schroeder has repeatedly insulted my Christian beliefs, told me he gang raped my mother and called me by racial slurs. I hope he will eventually fight me.

Paul Rath maybe airlines will fire him for stalking and then he will have enough time to train
11 hours ago • Unlike • 1

Michael Jones So true Paul,
Fred is not a fighter antonio would injure fred worse then that angry mob did if the ref doesnt stop the fight in time
11 hours ago • Like

Jee Van Leong Antonio it ain’t gonna happen.
10 hours ago • Like

Nicolas Sarduy Sounds like a real great guy. Shame you won’t be able to meet him.
9 hours ago • Unlike • 2

Carlos Scott I think u have wasted enough time and energy on this whole fred thing. Time to let it go. He wont fight. U fighting him is like pacquiao fighting mayweather it just won’t happen.
8 hours ago • Like

Scott Williams AG, don’t let this wussy drive you crazy. He already knows he’s a gutless windbag. Let him return to being an anonymous gutless
5 hours ago • Like

Scott Williams …windbag. That said, nice artwork!
5 hours ago • Unlike • 1

Fred Flintstone and Schroeder from Peanuts
fred flintstone schroeder

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