Successful Thai learning interviewed by Catherine Wentworth

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Antonio Thai Interview

The Brooklyn Monk was recently interviewed by Catherine Wentworth for her project about successful Thai learning, entitled “Women Learning Thai… and some men to”


Interviewing Successful Thai Language Learners…

Name: Antonio Graceffo
Nationality: American
Age range: 40-50
Sex: Male
Location: Shanghai, China
Profession: University lecturer/author
Website: Speaking Adventure

What is your Thai level?

Upper Intermediate (Listening and speaking only).

Do you speak more street Thai, Issan Thai, or professional Thai?

Standard Thai (Bangkok).

What were your reasons for learning Thai?

I lived in a monastery, studying with monks and I wanted to understand them.

Do you live in Thailand? If so, when did you arrive?

I live in China now, but I have lived in Thailand a total of about 2.5 years, spread out from 2003-2008 and frequently go there for work, up to a month at a time.

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