Brooklyn Monk Book Featured in New Book by Tim Johnson

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Author Tim Johnson has recently published a series of books about martial arts figures around the world. I am very flattered to say that Brooklyn Monk, Antonio Graceffo was featured in one of Tim’s books, available at


Who is the Brooklyn Monk?: A Dialog with Martial Arts Adventurer, Antonio Graceffo[Paperback]

Tim Johnson (Author)


Travelling to the far reaches of the world to find lost masters and forgotten systems of martial arts; reviving the sometimes abandoned techniques and philosophies of a subculture of warriors; immersing himself deep into the cultural and linguistic setting of his fight training. These are only a couple of the things that get Antonio Graceffo up every morning.

“Train equally the mind and body. Your body will leave you long before your mind. No matter how tough and how fit you are now, you will eventually be an injured fat guy with no brains. So, build up your brains in advance of the inevitable and horrible end.”
– Antonio Graceffo

This book is an adaptation of an interview with Antonio Graceffo, martial arts writer, adventurer, fighter and anthropologist living in Asia. Antonio writes regular articles for Black Belt magazine and has published several books of his adventures including The Monk from Brooklyn and Warrior Odyssey.


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