Freedom quiz: Guess which one is Vietnam and which one is the US.

In Uncategorized on October 17, 2012 at 10:34 pm

Someone argued today that Vietnamese have more freedom than US Americans. So, let’s take a little test.


  Answer: Tick one  
Question Vietnam USA
  1. Banned Facebook
  1. Invented Facebook
  1.  citizens to vote for any political party they wish
  1. Allows citizens to vote for any Communist candidate they wish
  1. The Brady Bunch was a popular TV show
  1. The Brady Bunch would have gone to jail for violating the two child policy
  1. Only recognizes 5 religions and the state controls the appointment of clergy
  1. A tourist could ordain himself “Grand Itchy-High Potentate” and open a tax exempt church.
  1. University professors are required to adhere to pro-government, approved syllabus
10, University professors lead protests against the Vietnam War    
  1. Defense attorneys are not allowed to call or question witnesses
  1. Mob attorney, Bruce Cutler, had his own reality TV show
  1. People climbed on the outside of helicopters to leave
  1. People climbed into small boats with no food or water and risked the open sea, to get there
  1. People starved when the government nationalized the rice harvest
  1. If the rice harvest caught fire, everyone would still be fat
  1. Most citizens carry credit card debt
  1. What’s a credit card?
  1. No freedom of the press. Journalists are jailed if the write anything critical of the government
  1. Fox News isn’t even required to tell the truth
  1. Many people went bankrupt owning real estate they couldn’t afford
  1. Citizens are not allowed to own land
  1. Public protests are illegal
  1. Occupy Movement holds protests but doesn’t know what they are angry about
  1. Farmers occupied the capital in July 2012, demanding the return of their farmland.
  1. Less than 1% of the population works in agriculture, and the government pays many of them not to plant anything.
  1. Lost the Vietnam War (This is a trick question. The answer is based on having completed the rest of questionnaire.)




  1. The Six Paradoxes of Communism:
    1. Everyone has a job, but no one actually does any work.
    2. No one actually does any work, but production targets are always reached.
    3. Production targets are always reached, but the shops are always empty.
    4. The shops are always empty, but everyone has all they need.
    5. Everyone has all they need, but no one is happy.
    6. No one is happy, but they always vote the Communists back in.

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