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Antonio Graceffo interview with Alan Cole of MMA News Asia about Antonio time spent at Ultimate MMA Academy and about moving to Shanghai.

From January to June of 2012, Antonio Graceffo slept on the floor at the Ultimate MMA Academy in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, sleeping next to the cage and training MMA twice a day. Originally, Antonio was meant to spend 10 days at UMA training and filming with coach Melvin Yeow, for Martial Arts Odyssey. Instead, he wound up remaining in the academy for more than five months. During that time, he fought 6 times and suffered no losses.

At the end of his tenure at UMA, Antonio went to Kuala Lumpur to work as an MMA instructor at Muayfit II, temporarily. After this, he will fly back to Cambodia for two weeks of training and then on to Shnaghai, where he will be teaching at Shanghai university.

Antonio Graceffo is self-funded and needs donation to continue his writing and video work. To support the project you can donate through the paypal link on his website,

Brooklyn Monk, Antonio Graceffo is a martial arts and adventure author living inAsia. He is the author of the books, “Warrior Odyssey’ and “The Monk fromBrooklyn.” He is also the host of the web TV show, “Martial Arts Odyssey,” which traces his ongoing journey through Asia, learning martial arts in various countries.

Warrior Odyssey, the book chronicling Antonio Graceffo’s first six years in Asia is available at The book contains stories about the war in Burma and the Shan State Army. The book is available at

See Antonio’s Destinations video series and find out about his column on




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Brooklyn Monk in Asia Podcast (anti-travel humor)

Brooklyn Monk in Asia Podcast (anti-travel humor)

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