Zawen Anwar the Coward, Article 3 (of many)

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By Antonio Graceffo (Not hiding)

A friend sent me a picture of Zawen “The Coward” Anwar, modeling a Tap Out MMA shirt. I asked, “Is it Halloween? Zawen is dressed like a fighter.”

Zawen Anwar made my Bad List when he agreed, twice, to fight me in professional MMA, then pulled out, twice, leaving the promoter minus a match, and me minus an opponent. Now, he is more or less banned from fighting MMA in Malaysia. His reason for pulling out, according to his manager, was that he doesn’t want to hurt Antonio. This would have been his MMA debut. Until now, he has only been a model, a body builder and has had a few fake fights.

My mission is to harass him and disclose uncomfortable truths about him until he agrees to fight me, to save face. I didn’t have to go digging to find dirt about him, people have been offering up all sorts of stuff about him, apparently he is a HUGE steroid-using phony.

This week, I just got another piece of info about Zawen Anwar. He isn’t turning 27, as he claims on his modeling profiles. He is turning 31!!!! And according to the source, “He is worried about aging. He used to be an underwear model.” Thirty one! I never fought an old man like that. It doesn’t even seem fair.

I have picked up so much dirt on this guy, by simply sitting back and letting people come to me. This shows you, if you do dirty things to people, it will come back to haunt you.

I hope I never need a blood transfusion and it turns out that Zawen is my only match. I have a feeling, he wouldn’t go out of his way to help me.

On May 5, I fought Steven Yeoh, because Zawen Anwar chickened out. Steven is a guy with only 9 months of MMA training, who wanted his first fight to be with the Brooklyn Monk. He actually told me his level was lower than mine, but he wanted the experience. I was proud of him for trying. But his courage made Zawen Anwar’s cowardice appear that much more acute.

I posted the following on my facebook and this is what my friends had to say about muscle-bound, would-be, tough-guy Zawen Anwar, who backed out of the fight, not once, but twice.

From Facebook: I always misspell the word “cowardice.” I thought it was spelled “cowardess,” but then I realized that “cowardess” meant a female coward, like Zawen Anwar.

Me: The clock is passed midnight and it’s a new day in Malaysia. It’s a new day. So, I need to say something terrible about Zawen Anwar. Zawen if you can read this post, or if you get a non-model friend to read it for you, Steven Yeoh Is TEN TIMES the man you will ever be. He asked for a fight with me, and he showed up and fought. Zawen the muscle man, what did you do this evening?

A friend wrote: He must be applying face mask to go to sleep rite now…zawen ‘the pussy face’

Another friend: One thing for sure, he’s better than Zawen the coward ‘roid’…hahaha…

A Friend: Is Zawen a real perso? I thought he was just a figment of Antonio’s imagination. Nobody could be that much of a pussy could they? – Well done to Steven Yeoh for manning up,

Me: Most of my friends agreed that Steven Yeoh, who agreed to fight me, was more of a man than Zawen the Coward would ever be.

A Friend: Anyone deserve srespect who steps up to fight when someone else pulls out ! Osssuu

A Friend: The man has bigger balls than Zawenlander anyway!

Me: We have been through this! Zawen has small balls because of steroids.


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