Reaction to my story Zawen the Coward

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By Antonio Graceffo (Not hiding)

Now that Zawen Anwar, the super-model, has pulled out of our fight, I won’t get to use any of my great jokes from Zoolander like, “No touching of the hair or face.” Or, Raging Bull, “He’s a pretty kid. Didn’t know if I should fight him or f— him.” After ground and pounding him, I was thinking of a scene from Fight Club. My coach would come to me and ask, “Where did you go psycho-boy?” And I would answer, “I just wanted to destroy something beautiful.”

Taking steroids gives you liver cancer and makes your testicles shrink. How does a guy take steroids and then back out of a fight with a man 20 years older, who weighs 10 kgs less? Maybe it’s true, big balls are braver than small ones.

I just heard from my coach that Zawen the model is mad about what I wrote about him. Apparently he said, “Antonio destroyed my reputation.” My response, “No, your behavior destroyed your reputation. I just made people aware of it.” Next, he allegedly said that, “My comments were disrespectful.” My answer, “No language barrier here. I have no respect for Zawen and I meant to convey that in my writing.” Of course, he still doesn’t want to fight me.

Here is a link to the original story, Zawen the Coward

Zawen’s manager said I couldn’t fight Zawen because he is too big. So, using their logic I said, “I’ve beaten much bigger guys in my movies.” And I sent them the clips to prove it.

Since I posted about him, lots of people have been writing in, telling about their personal experience with Zawen. Read what people are saying about the model who refuses to fight real opponents.

A student from Zawen’s fitness gym said: nice write up on the — dude.. seen him around the gym in Subang Parade b4.. loaded on juice for sure. That guy’s loaded on juice.. He’s probably on TRT like Chael Sonnen

Someone who knows him: Hi Antonio, just want you to know I totally agree with you about Zawen.. I know him personally, but not very close, met him a few times at a gym where I’m also training.. All I can say is he is fake.. He is not a real fighter..He’s doing this more just to promote his gym that he owns..for sure you will kick his ass in the ring, that I know.. So, the fact that he pulled himself out of the fight already shows that, You have won the fight..Ok, that’s my point of view.. Good luck on your coming fight !!!

A friend of mine: Would have thought Zawen would be mad enough to fight you now but oh well

Antonio Graceffo: I think what you meant to say was, A MAN would be angry enough to fight me now, but Zawen….

As it stands, because Zawen scheduled and then pulled out of two MMA fights in Malaysia, he has been unofficially banned from competition in the country. There are only five MMA venues in Malaysia, controlled by two different gyms. It just happens that with two pullouts, he managed to piss off both gyms. And neither is willing to schedule him to fight again, for fear that they will print posters and write press-release again, only to have him pull out.

If Zawen really wants to be an MMA fighter, and if he promises that he will not pull out, I could probably get one of the gym owners to put him on a card, but ONLY IF HE FIGHTS ME. They won’t schedule him to fight anyone else. Also, we have drug testing at our events. So, he will have to subject himself to drug testing, as I do, every time I fight. And, he needs to pay back my coach for printing the posters for the fight that didn’t happen.

The ball is in Zawen’s court now. Actually, it always was. No one made him do the stupid crap he did in Muay Thai, and no one forced to insult me be saying he pulled out to keep from hurting me. And no one else made him spineless coward. He did this all himself.

This will be the second of MANY future posts about Zawen.


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