Zawen Anwar the Coward

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By Antonio Graceffo

Zawen Anwar of Body Construction Studios was slated to fight me at God’s FC as my second fight of the evening. Zawen is 27 years old, or 23 years younger than me, and, at 95 kgs, he outweighs me by 12 kgs. He is a former San Da champion and bodybuilding champion, currently working as a model, and trying to bill himself as a fighter.

His manager pulled him out of Gods Fc the day before the fight, saying,  that when Zawan beats Antonio, people will say it is because Antonio was tired from the previous fight, so it’s not a good win.

We rescheduled Zawen to fight me on 5 May, at Ultimate Beat Down 8. Zawen’s manager said he was brining a TV crew and two paramedics because they were so worried I would get hurt.

Zawen is known to have zero MMA and zero wrestling skills. His only fight credits were three Muay Thai fights that his manager claimed he won recently. We checked around, and heard that the fights were setups. Either the opponents were hand picked to lose or actually paid to lose.

I anticipated an easy fight, ending in the first round, with me sitting on the bigger man, pounding him.

This morning, only a week before the fight, Zawen’s manager called and said the fight was off. He said that beating Antonio wasn’t a good enough victory. He also said that Zawen felt bad about hurting me, so he didn’t want to fight me.

I don’t claim to know everything about fighting, but seems to me, unless you actually fight, you can’t claim victory.

When I posted about this on Facebook, a friend contacted me with the insdie scoop on Zawen the Coward.

I know Zawen very well. He has had only 2 Muay Thai fights and he ko ed his opponents in the first 2 rounds. He might claim that he has had others but it was just an amateur and held in the gym. I saw the videos. For professional Muay Thai, he asked for 3 rounds instead of 5.

Truthfully, he runs no more than 6km a day, his aim is to beat his opponent in the first two rounds as he has no stamina to do more. he was a body builder and has had history with steroids.

In a Muay Thai championship in Malaysia, there was meant to be a drug test, and “ he spilled the beans, being worried.”

Muay Thai trainers say he is very pampered and refused to do as told.

As a person, he is full of himself.

Well, anything you want to know about him, just ask. He is not even a famous model, just a model, to tell you the truth.

Zawan has been on the cover of Men’s Health and was voted one of Malaysia’s hottest people. Is this the kind of person Malaysians want representing them?

Please help me get the word out to the press and to the public. Zawen is a huge fraud and a coward. And I am happy to fight him any time.

Antonio Graceffo, not hiding.

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