China’s Dependence on US Economy

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By Antonio Graceffo

Reuters, The World Bank, The International Monetary Fund, and the UN Human Development Index, I found that most experts attributed the US effect on the Chinese economy to such issues as US trade imbalance, where China was completely dependent on the US as a customer, the fact that China has been buying up US debt, and the fact that China’s hard currency reserves are stored in US (not Canadian) Dollars.

This is a sequel to a previous report entitled “China, Canada, Britain, and the US as Economic Powers” which explains that ALL of the top rating agencies still have US listed as the number one economic power in the world, with China number 2 and Canada number 14.

Here is a link to that article

China holds 16% or 1.15 Billion dollars of US foreign debt, making it the largest holder of US foreign debt. This debt is carried as an asset on China’s boos and is in part used to support the value of the RMB, the Chinese Yuen currency. If the US government were to be deemed insolvent, the value of this debt would drop to zero on China’s books, and the value of the Yuen would drop.

When the US economy drops significantly, there is the risk of US debt being decreased in rating by the rating agencies, which then decreases the value of the debt. Once again, this fact, China’s ownership of US debt would explain why a dip in US economy adversely effected China’s economy .

Trade Deficit

Another reason why China’s economy is very much dependent on the solvency or general health of the US economy is the US/China trade deficit.

In the month of March, 2012, the US imported 34.3 Million worth of goods from China but exported only 8.3 million of goods to China. As the US is a customer nation, when your customer loses his income, he stops buying from you. And this is one of the reasons that the US economic crisis effected China.

Currency Reserves

Another reason why a dip in the US currency adversely effects China is because China’s hard currency reserves or foreign exchange currency reserves are held largely in US dollars. As of 2011, China was holding 3.18 Billion of foreign currency reserves. This currency is used to prop up the Yuen. If the US dollar drops, then China has less value propping up its currency.

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