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I am teaching a seminar on Southeast Asian fighting arts at the UC Wellness Center, in California on Sunday, December 11, from 2 PM to 5 PM all are welcome, if you buy a ticket.

On Saturday, December 10, from 12:00 to 3:00 PM, I will be doing a book signing for my new book, Khun Khmer: Cambodia Martial Arts Diary, the first book ever, exclusively about Khmer martial arts. Location: Martial Arts History Museum, 2319 West Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91506,

Southeast Asian Fighting Arts Seminar

WhenSunday, December 11, 2011.Time2:00pm until 5:00pm..Description Seminar details: Lee Lollio will be hosting Guro Antonio Graceffo aka The Brooklyn Monk who is on a southern California seminar tour visiting from Malaysia. Seminar curriculum will be covering basic and advance techniques of Silat Tomoi of Malaysia and Bokator of Cambodia, which both are pure reality based self defense combative systems. Don’t let this opportunity slip by to train with one of the most sought out experts of the South East Asian fighting arts. Price: $50.00 per person on the day of the event or $40.00 preregistration 24 hrs before the event. Free parking in the back of the UCG Wellness Center and use of showers at the state of art training facility, 1555 w. Olympic blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90015.

Contact Lee Lollio for further info on this event and also for open dates for seminars and private lessons with Guro Graceffo while in Southern California from December 5th – December 10th and also future dates. Cell phone number: (805) 824-3821 and email:


Antonio Graceffo has spent the last ten years living in Asia, moving from country to country training and fighting in various forms of martial arts. He was the first foreigner to ever earn a black krama (black belt) in the Cambodian martial art of Bokator Fighting. He was the first foreigner ever awarded the prestigious title of Palawan Kalam (Silat Kalam Warrior) from the Malaysian government. He also holds black belts in Bradal Serey (Khmer boxing) and Philippine Kumandos Kuntaw and also has studied Wing Chun.

His studies at the Shaolin Temple, Henan, China, became the inspiration for his book, The Monk from Brooklyn. After the Shaolin Temple, Antonio lived in Wat Atchatong, a forest monastery in Thailand, where he trained in Muay Boran with Pra Kru Ba, the last warrior monk in Thailand. He continued his study of Muay Boran, training with Adjan Sok Chai, Tony Jaa’s first trainer, in Surin, Thailand. In Malaysia, in addition to learning Silat Kalam under Guru Mazlan Man, Antonio studied Silat Tomoi under Guru (Kru) Jak Othman. In Thailand, Antonio learned Muay Chaiya with Kru Lek.

For Muay Thai, Antonio has trained with various teachers and at numerous gyms throughout Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

You can find Antonio’s column, Destinations, in Black Belt magazine. In total, he has written seven books, all of which have some martial arts theme. His book Warrior Odyssey details his first seven years in Asia, training and fighting. His most recent book, Khun Khmer: Cambodian Martial Arts Diary, was the first book ever written about Cambodian martial arts. Antonio’s web TV show, Martial Arts Odyssey is available on youtube. The show now has over 200 episodes, shot in numerous countries and with martial arts all over Asia. He has also worked on Films such as Delta Force 2 with Chuck Norris and TV shows: Human Weapon, Digging for the Truth, Kill Arman, The Art of Fighting, Samantha Brown’s Asia, and Thai TV shows about Muay Thai Chaiya and Kun Khmer Champion in Cambodia.

As a fighter, Antonio has had over 45 boxing matches, including military, amateur and professional fights. In 2011, at the age of 44, he began fighting in MMA competitions and now holds a record of 3 and 1.

Military and police experience

Antonio has successfully graduated three US boot camps: Army, Navy, and Merchant Marines. He is also a graduate of US Army Infantry School, Ft. Benning Georgia, Army School of Training Management, and Non-Commissioned Officers Academy, Ft. Jackson, South Carolina.

In Malaysia, he works as a trainer for the Royal Police. In Burma, Antonio was a volunteer with the Shan State Rebel Army, where he worked as a martial arts trainer as well as documenting human rights abuses and war crimes.

Checkout Antonio’s website

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