Brooklyn Monk in Asia: Taiwan Teaching Story

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Half in English and half in Chinese, Brooklyn Monk, Antonio Graceffo brings you this gruesome tale of teaching school in Asia: If you have ever taught English in Asia, or were thinking of doing so, this story is for you. This story is dedicated to those people who know the pain and frustration of teaching the unwilling, in a program designed by the unknowing, and being evaluated by the ungrateful.


If you have a background in language acquisition or linguistics, the story would make an excellent anti-thesis, or cautionary tale for how not to teach or learn a language.


Brooklyn Monk in Asia: Taiwan Teaching Story

Watch it for free on youtube.


Antonio Graceffo is self-funded and needs donation to continue his writing and video work. To support the project you can donate through the paypal link on his website,


Brooklyn Monk, Antonio Graceffo has a post graduate degree in TESOL. He has been teaching at language schools and universities in Europe and Asia for nearly twenty years. In his life outside of the classroom, he is a martial arts and adventure author living in Asia. He is the author of the books, “Warrior Odyssey’ and “The Monk from Brooklyn.” He is also the host of the web TV show, “Martial Arts Odyssey,” which traces his ongoing journey through Asia, learning martial arts in various countries.


Warrior Odyssey, the book chronicling Antonio Graceffo’s first six years in Asia is available at The book contains stories about the war in Burma and the Shan State Army.







Brooklyn Monk fan page


Brooklyn Monk on YOUTUBE


Brooklyn Monk in 3D

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Brooklyn Monk in Asia Podcast (anti-travel humor)



Brooklyn Monk in Asia Podcast (anti-travel humor)


Brooklyn Monk in 3D

Order the download at






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