Warrior Odyssey moving up the Rankings

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Warrior Odyssey, Antonio Graceffo’s book chronicling his first seven years in Asia, traveling from country to country, studying martial arts is creeping up the charts



If you haven’t read Warrior Odyssey, you may want to now. The book contains the first ever book chapters on the Cambodia martial art of Bokator and the Shan martial art of Lai Tai. Entire chapters are dedicated to the exotic martial arts of Cambodia and to the war in Burma.


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This review is from: Warrior Odyssey: The Travels of a Martial Artist in Asia (Paperback)

To those who have thoughts on Southeast Asia or have seen the Human Weapon, I would recommend that the people of the world should read this book. It has been the best I have ever read in years it only took me 6 to 7 days to read. When I was younger it was hard to read books then as I got older and more understanding, I read more and then after I had finished the Human Weapon, this book caught my eye. So I began reading it, and as I read the more I learn of what to expect if you are planing to travel anywhere around Southeast Asia. The way how he travelled around the countries of Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, the Philipines, and Burma, was just amazing of how someone from New York could go to places no one could ever try to go and train in arts nearly lost to history and meet with important people in history. Mr. Graceffo is a great author who tells his stories so well with great detail. The Book gave me inspiration about martial arts just as the Human Weapon did and taught me many things in the countries. For I have learned one thing “books are always a way to show us the world, itself.” If you give it a chance like I have you could encourage and help education your family and friends in the history and the ways of martial arts. Also he continues to learn many old martial arts and always preserve them as any fellow martial arts master, athlete or instructor should. If he could travel and learn so can we and be united than divided be one unified world and never have any difficulties in what we look like. For it’s not in appearance it’s what’s in the heart of how a person feels.


5.0 out of 5 stars A different kind of journey… and a different kind of book, November 25, 2010


Charles W. Johnson (Tokyo, Japan) – See all my reviews

This review is from: Warrior Odyssey: The Travels of a Martial Artist in Asia (Paperback)

Antonio Graceffo’s latest literary endeavour, Warrior Odyssey, chronicles his amazing quest to master himself through martial arts training in different countries. As a former successful stock broker in New York, Graceffo left it all behind after the events of 9/11 to follow his dream of training at the Shaolin Temple in China. Though the book is not a complete journal of his quest (it only discusses 10 of the countries he went to) it does give you a glimpse into both the world that he came from (and so daringly left behind) in contrast to the world that he was in at the time of his writing. Graceffo writes in a straight-forward kind of style that gives you a good sense of not just what he was going through physically, but how he was taking it all in, and processing it as he worked through unsual and uncanny situations one right after the other.

For those who like a lot of eloquent wordplay, this book is probably not for you. In reading it, it feels as though you are reading Antonio’s journals just as he had written them, and the vivid imagery that it envokes is more a function of the incredible amount of details he includes than it is of any clever writing techniques. For those who are interested in seeing, feeling (and at times tasting) just what life is life is like for the average person in Asia, and Southeast Asia however this book is a winner, as everywhere he went, he seems to have spent his time more or less completely immersed. Additionally, as he his time was chiefly dedicated to seeking out martial arts training, seasoned martial artists will enjoy the read as not just interesting, but informative. A great read for anyone interested in going to Asia, and/or seeking out martial arts training out there.


4.0 out of 5 stars Point of veiw, November 19, 2010


yangbanSee all my reviews

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This review is from: Warrior Odyssey: The Travels of a Martial Artist in Asia (Paperback)

Great book, Antonio’s experience is well shared with the readers, a lot of cultural differences and different martial arts insights along the book. Very informative about the asian and southeast asian culture.

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