Hmong Searchig for a Home (Part 1)

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By Antonio Graceffo

More than thirty-five years after 
the end of
America’s War in Indochina,
America’s greatest allies are 
hunted like animals.
About my Hmong project

I made it public that I 
was on the Burma border,
work on a project, 
documenting Shan/Burmese
refugees from the 
war in Burma. This was 
and is
true, but I wasn’t 
able to speak, till today,
about my other project. 

A leader of the Hmong tribe 
from Lao came to meet
me in Saigon, asking me to 
help him find a home
for 300 Hmong families 
still hiding in the jungle.
Most people thing the 
American war in Indochina
ended in 1975, but for 
these 300 families, the war
is still going on. 

The Hmong have asked me to 
help get their story
out to the world. 

Here is part 1:
I was recently approached by a 
Hmong representative,
asking me to get the word out 
to the world. There are
over 300 Hmong families, 
hiding in the jungle of Laos,
 hunted by the Lao and 
Vietnamese armies. For more than
35 years, they have been 
constantly on the move,
unable to plant rice or 
to raise their families 
with any
reasonable degree of 
peace or safety. They 
have very little
food or weapons, no 
medicine and no outside 

The Hmong from the jungle 
need a place to call home.

Of the hundreds of Hmong 
who have surrendered to 
the Lao
government forces over 
the last decade, none 
were ever
seen or heard from again. 
The recent policy of the 
government has been to 
remove Hmong from the 
camps in Thailand and 
send them back to Lao.

Almost none of the Hmong 
refugees returned to
Lao were ever heard 
from again.

These people are not 
just the soldiers of 
General Vang
Pao’s Hmong army who 
fought for the CIA in 
the Secret War
in Lao. Now, they are 
the children and Grandchildren, 
long after the conflict, 
but born into a continuing state
of war.

If they remain in the jungle, 
the Hmong will die of starvation,
slow disease, and eventual execution 
by the Lao military. If
they surrender, they fear they 
will be killed. If they flee
to Thailand, they know they 
will be sent back.

Where can the Hmong go? 
How can they find a place 
to call home?

Hmong Searchig for a Home (Part 2) 
coming soon from Antonio Graceffo.
Also, please see these excellent 
documentaries on the current
state of the Hmong hiding in 
the jungles of Lao.

Video: Still a Secret War

The Lost Tribe (Hmong) Al Jazeera documentary

Antonio Graceffo is a volunteer 
freelance journalist,
funded through private donations. 
To support his writing
and filming you can donate through 
the paypal link on
his website,  
or by
direct transfer into his bank account.

Bank Name: Bangkok Bank
Name on Account: Scott Antonio Graceffo
Swift Code: BKKBTHBK
Acct Number 251-4-58189-7
Bangkok Bank
Thaphae Branch Chiang Mai
 53-59 Thapae Road
Tambon Changklan
A. Muang Chiang Mai 50100
Tel: (053)-282100-2

Brooklyn Monk, Antonio Graceffo 
is a martial arts
and adventure author living in Asia. 
He is the author
of the books, “Warrior Odyssey’ and 
“The Monk from Brooklyn.”
He is also the host of 
the web TV show, “Martial Arts
Odyssey,” which traces his 
ongoing journey through
Asia, learning martial
arts in various countries.

Brooklyn Monk in Asia 
Podcast (anti-travel humor)



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