Warrior Odyssey Book Review Chuck Johnson

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Chuck Johnson spent years in Japan, studying martial arts and writing books. He is the creator and editor of One of Japan’s leading foreigner websites. Chuck is also the author of the hip-hop English book, “Phat English.”


Here is his review of Warrior Odyssey, the new book by Brooklyn Monk, Antonio Graceffo


Brooklyn Monk, Antonio Graceffo is a martial arts and adventure author living in Asia. He is the author of the books, “Warrior Odyssey’ and “The Monk from Brooklyn.” He is also the host of the web TV show, “Martial Arts Odyssey,” which traces his ongoing journey through Asia, learning martial arts in various countries.


Brooklyn Monk in Asia Podcast (anti-travel humor)







Brooklyn Monk fan page


Brooklyn Monk on YOUTUBE


Brooklyn Monk in 3D

Order the download at


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