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Antonio Graceffo

I am searching for a literary agent or author to represent my “anti-travel humor” book, entitled, Brooklyn Monk in Asia. The book will be 200 pages long and will be completed in November 2010. Attached please find two sample chapters. The book has broad international readership appeal with its genesis stemming from global and personal events of the last decade.


The rich spend big money to fly to the poorest countries on holiday. They complain if it is uncomfortable or unfamiliar, but feel cheated if they see McDonalds and CNN. This is the travel conundrum. I am a travel author, yet one who hates travel. My new book, Brooklyn Monk in Asia, is a glimpse into my ten-year odyssey through Asia. The book is written from the perspective of an educated New Yorker, who sees the world in no-nonsense terms. We don’t have to like everything about other cultures. In fact, we probably won’t. At the same time, being immersed in other cultures for this length of time allows for a unique and objective perspective of the world I left behind and the one the readers still live in.


Before 9/11, I worked in the frenetic environment of the New York City financial industry. 9/11 changed my values, no – it changed my life and I heading to Asia shortly thereafter. I have been in Asia ever since, traveling from country to country studying martial arts and languages, writing magazine articles and books, and working in TV shows and movies.


Twice along the way I cut my hair and lived in a monastery and that is where the name Monk came from. This was also the title of my first book, The Monk from Brooklyn. My latest book, Warrior Odyssey, published by Black Belt Books, enjoyed a world release.


My previous books were somewhat serious, but written in a tongue-in-cheek style, decorated with a lot of humor. The new book, Brooklyn Monk in Asia, is pure humor. The book is a collection of 20 short stories, taken from various adventures and experiences while in Asia during ten years of travel. I jokingly refer to my writing as anti-travel humor, because after reading it, no one would ever want to travel. The book parallels my Brooklyn Monk in Asia Podcast, which will be employed as an advertising tool, to aid book sales.


The target audience for this book is not limited to people who love or hate travel, it was written with fellow Generation-Xers and Baby Boomers in mind. I dedicated the book to the over-forty, under-paid, over-educated, and under-appreciated people of the world. There are stories about sitting through job interviews and seminars in Asia. So, yes, we could call this travel, but the readers will relate, because they also have sat through countless boring job interviews and seminars.


In addition to writing books, I host a web TV show called Martial Arts Odyssey, which has over 160 episodes. I have appeared on or written for the following TV shows and web TV shows:  Human Weapon (History Channel), Digging for the Truth (History Channel), Fight Quest (Discovery Channel), The Art of Fighting (Colors Network), Wow Bangkok (Wealth TV in 3D), Kill Arman (European Cable), Inside Martial Arts (Web TV Show), Brooklyn Monk in 3D (Web TV show in 3D), Black Belt Magazine online (Destinations video series), as well as assorted Asian TV shows and movies, as well as hosting various commercial DVDs being sold in the USA.



To find out more about me, you could check these links:


Brooklyn Monk in Asia Podcast (anti-travel humor)







Brooklyn Monk fan page


Brooklynmonk1 Youtube channel


Amazon author’s page



Thank you for your consideration.




Antonio Graceffo


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