Warrior Odyssey Book Review on Amazon Germany

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If you are interested in Asia and its Martial Arts and culture you dont wanna miss this book! It is the true story and a truly adventurous odyssey of a man who left it all behind and through that, he found so much.

I was lucky to meet Antonio at Phnom Phen Airport in Cambodia at the visa counter in 2007. We started talking and did not stop until we both headed to different hotels in Siem Reap, the town near the Angkor temples. Beginning with the average travelers talk we quickly switched to more interesting topics such as, you guessed it, Martial Arts, which we both love as a matter of fact and became evident just after a few words were spoken. We talked about Asia, languages, Germany (he studied there and speaks the language and I am a German), my work in Bangkok at the time and of course his purpose of being in Cambodia this time. It so happened he was on his way to meet and interview some of the very few masters of the Cambodian Martial Arts named Bokator who survived the Khmere Rouge regime. The next day I found myself sitting on a motorbike following Antonio to a small village in Siem Reap province to meet a Bokator master and see a demonstration of Bokator fighters, a Martial Art I had never heard of until the day I met Antonio. This was just fantastic!
Antonio once started his journey when he left New York City after and because of 9/11 to seek for another truth. A totally different truth compared to what he already got to know in the western hemisphere. From then on he followed his heart and his passion which is martial arts, languages and writing. He dreamed of practicing Kung Fu in the Shaolin temple, so he did that. He wanted to know about Asian culture, so he learned the languages. He found secret, hidden, extinct, unique, common martial arts styles in different countries, he learned them, trained them and wrote about them in several books. He made unique experiences, met different and unique characters throughout his journey and never lost track of his martial arts training wherever he landed- on purpose or on simple coincidence. Most of the time, being a dollar short, he still had faith that his journey would not just stop, things will hopefully fall into its place, that it will all work out somehow- and it did. Antonio gives deep insights into various styles of martial arts, about the masters and their techniques and philosophies and the surrounding culture where he found them and trained with them.

His book is not a sheer documentary. It is a truly unique story of the odyssey of a man, a warrior named Antonio who set out on a journey following his heart, no matter what inner struggles and adverse conditions may come along the way. You and me and nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. It aint about how hard you hit, its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. Its about how much you can take, and keep moving forward. (Rocky Balboa) This quote might sum up perfectly some of Antonios philosophy. He just keeps moving forward and it is great that he shares his stories and adventures with us. Thank you Antonio- Keep it up!

Get Warrior Odyssey on amazon


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