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October 7th, 2010By Chuck JohnsonCategory: Travel

Antonio Graceffo, the amazing well-to-do stockbroker-turned-Shaolin Monk whom I interviewed earlier is set to release a new book soon, ‘Warrior Odyssey: The Travels of a Martial Artist Through Asia’. Given the girth of his experience in martial arts (and the fascinating life he leads) I thought it would be a great chance to catch up to him for a second interview.


Please tell me about your current projects.


I have two huge projects right now that mean a lot to me. The first one is the Brooklyn Monk in Asia Podcast. It is a humorous, anti-travel podcast, which rips on everything from the silliness of ancient cultures to the complete lack of substance in the western world. I tried to make sure I insulted every ethnicity equally. If there is one that I missed, please write in and I am sure I could think of something.


Read the whole story on Gaijin Pot



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