Episode 12: Brooklyn Monk in Asia Podcast 12: Working on Big American TV part 2

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Episode 12: Brooklyn Monk in Asia Podcast 12: Working on Big American TV part 2

Antonio Graceffo got back to his apartment in Bangkok and immediately received a phone call from film producer, Johnny Civello.

“Tony, Bubbee, Bubeleh, I am calling to talk to you about your dress for tomorrow.” He said. “We can’t have you going in there wearing some facacta outfit you found in a trash dumpster.”

Working on big TV was different than working on small productions, except Antonio wasn’t getting paid. That part was the same. But no one ever referred to hisfashion sense as “facacta” on youtube.

Episode 12 Brooklyn Monk in Asia Podcast 12: Working on Big American TV Part 2

Antonio Graceffo is a martial arts and adventure author living in Asia. He is the author of six books, available on, most notably, Warrior Odyssey and The Monk from Brooklyn. He is the host of the web TV show Martial Arts Odyssey, which has had over 160 episodes. Of late, he is starring in the world’s first 3D martial arts TV series, Brooklyn Monk.

His website is you can contact him through his website and sign up for his newsletter, as well as order copies of his books or the DVD Martial Arts Odyssey, Volume One—kuntaw-and-bokator/11921381

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  1. Salaam, may peace be to you!
    my name is Ghazaly Salim I live in America, but I visit Cambodi alot and Iam Cham. I watch you vedio about the Cham people in cambodia, I want to thank you for your showing the Cham people to the world. One thing I want to add to the answer the question that why do the Cham people have to study Malay or Arabic languages is that they can aquire more knowledge of Islam, because most the Islamic books are not in cham language, I hope it make more sinse if you have this thought be answered to your questions.

    Thank you

    Ghazaly salim

  2. Ps, By the way I would like to visit you in Cambodia if you don’t mind to see me or I hope to learn more things from you.


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