Brooklyn Monk in Asia Podcast, Episode 7, Chuck Norris Doesn’t Know (excerpts) (Press release)

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When he was 21 years old, Antonio Graceffo got a part in the Chuck Norris movie, Delta Force 2. At the time, he believed it was his huge break, which would lead to super stardom. Instead, it would be more than a decade until he had a part in a movie again.

Based on that movie, no one ever asked him to sign an autograph, and Kenner never made an Antonio Graceffo Delta Force action figure.

Working on the Chuck Norris film was an impact-full and hilarious experience which, like so many of Antonio’s significant life-moments, meant a lot to Antonio but neither Chuck nor anyone else will remember.

The story deals humorously with the issues and expectations of working on a Hollywood movie, but it also is a bit of an indictment on modern star-culture. Antonio got caught up in the moment, but you could also say he was caught up in an era of a celestial cult that worshiped the stars.

We all need to accept that being a rich, famous movie star is not everything. Of course, it is better than a lot of other things, like working at the post office, or sitting in a hotel room in Saigon, broke, and writing about almost, not even coming close to being a movie star.

“If I had made it back then, I would never have written this story or done this podcast.” Admits Antonio. “But, on some level, having millions of dollars and superstardom would have compensated.”

The experience spawned the story, Chuck Norris Doesn’t Know my Name” Which Antonio has recently released as a PDF e-book (e-story) on his website

This podcast is composed of a few outtakes from the longer story. In addition to making laugh at and pity Antonio, it will leave you wondering: Does the hero ever earn the money for his sister’s dowry, so she can marry? Do they ever catch the murder? Is the DNA evidence enough to get a conviction?

If any of these questions is bothering you, you will need to find the answers somewhere else. But if you want to know how the Delta Force story turns out for Antonio, you have to go click and download on his website.

Listen to the podcast

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