What’s New with the Brooklyn Monk

In Uncategorized on September 3, 2010 at 10:56 am

It’s a case of Monk-amok. The Brooklyn Monk’s podcast series has begun. Antonio Graceffo, the self-styled over-forty, over-educated, under-paid and extremely cranky Brooklyn Monk rants on everything from the silliness of ancient cultures, to the obesity and xenophobia of the world’s largest economy (The real “world’s largest economy”, America, not China). But China, Canada, and New Zealand, the countries poised to lead the world into third millennium, get honorable mentions as well.

You can catch the Brooklyn Monk in Asia podcast, with two new episodes each week, for free:

Antonio would also like to remind you that his new book, Warrior Odyssey has been released. It is available at Barnes and Noble bookstores in America or you can order it from

Martial Arts Odyssey: Volume One DVD is now is available at

You can join Antonio on twitter for free, brooklynmonk

And, you can sign up for Antonio’s news letter on his website,

Also, don’t be shy about contributing to the “Keep Antonio Writing and Filming Fund” on or on facebook.

In Antonio’s own words, “Don’t be a conformist. Don’t be what THEY want you to be. Go out and do something stupid today.”


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