Global Tribe: Video for Shan State and Burma (Re-Edit)

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In Memory of Dan Eldon

See the Video on youtube

Dan Eldon lived his very short life helping the people of Africa. He was stoned to death at age 22, but he left behind a powerful legacy of inspiration. Seeing Dan’s mother, Kathy and sister, Amy on TV in Taiwan inspired Antonio Graceffo to reach deeper into his adventures, and try and help people along the way.

It was the story of Dan Eldon that inspired Antonio to get involved with the Shan people and other ethnic minorities, fleeing the war in Burma.

From north America, to Africa, to Burma, this video is the result of an unusual collaboration.

Sam Stavros, Dan’s cousin, is a musician who wrote and performed an incredibly inspirational song; For Dan: Neverland. The Neverland was impetus for this Global Tribe Video. According to Sam, the genocide in Burma is exactly the sort of thing Dan would have been concerned about.

See the Video on youtube

Twenty-two year-old Reuters photographer, Dan Eldon and was stoned to death in Mogadishu, Somalia. In addition to covering conflicts in Africa, he personally organized aid and relief missions to help the starving people. Dan’s mother. Kahy and sister, Amy published his diaries and art work in a book, “The Journey is the Destination.”

Dan believed in the concept of The Global Tribe. Antonio Graceffo was so moved by the life of Dan Eldon and by the music of Sam Stavros that he took Dan’s work from Africa to Asia. Together, Sam and Antonio created this video, using footage of Shan and other ethnicities of Burma.

“The purpose of the video is many fold.” Says Antonio, “I wanted to tell people about Dan and to remind them to lead a powerful life. I also wanted to promote Dan’s concept of the global tribe. Finally, I saw the suffering of the Burmese people, especially the Shan, as being a global, human tragedy which needed to be told.

When Antonio told Sam Stavros about the situation in Burma, Sam said, “This is exactly a situation Dan would have been concerned about.”

Both the book and story of Dan’s life inspired Antonio Graceffo and countless people around the globe. “Dan made more difference in his short life than many do in a long lifetime.” BBC

Sam Stavros, Dan’s cousin, wrote a moving song dedicated to Dan’s life, entitled, “Neverland.” The song is both powerful and moving and encourages people to follow their dreams, to fly, and never land.

Kathy and Amy formed a foundation called Creative Visions dedicated to the memory of Dan Eldon. “Creative Visions Foundation supports “Creative Activists”, individuals who use the power of media and the arts to create positive change in the world” from

This video is dedicated to the Shan and all of the people suffering at the hands of the Burmese junta.


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