Martial Arts Odyssey Volume One DVD Available now on Lulu

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“Martial Arts Odyssey: Volume One”

Featuring the martial arts, Kuntaw and Bokator

Available at

After nearly a decade of traveling through Asia and studying martial arts, Antonio Graceffo releases the first “Martial Arts Odyssey” DVD

“Martial Arts Odyssey” has been a web TV show for nearly three years, and 160 webisodes, spanning nine countries and countless martial arts. Now the web TV show is has become an artfully edited DVD series edited by filmmaker, Charlie Armour and of course, starring Brooklyn Monk, Antonio Graceffo.

“Martial Arts Odyssey: Volume One” features never before seen footage, interviews, and photos all shot on location, in the exotic world of Asian martial arts.

Directed by Charlie Armour
Hosted by Antonio Graceffo
Music composed by Charlie Armour
See the final trailer on youtube
Get the DVD at

Antonio Graceffo is the author of the books, “The Monk from Brooklyn,” and “Warrior Odyssey.” H is the host of the web TV show, “Martial Arts odyssey.”

Contact Antonio Graceffo:

Follow Antonio Graceffo on


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