Silat Tomoi DVD Trailer

In Uncategorized on June 16, 2010 at 2:52 am

“Devastating Elbows of Silat Tomoi” a new DVD, featuring Khru Jak Othman, one of Malaysia’s leading Silat Gurus, and Antonio Graceffo, The Monk from Brooklyn.

In ancient times, Muay kickboxing arts migrated from Cambodia, down through Thailand to the Malaysian border where they met Silt. Silat Tomoi is the traditional, and lethal fight style of the Malay warriors. In this never before seen DVD learn how the elbows of Silat Tomoi are used in the same manner as the knives, spear, and small axe of the Silat used by Malay assassins.

Coming soon on DVD.

Watch the trailer on youtube


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