Silat Tomoi DVD Coming Soon

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Featuring Kru Jak Othman and Brooklyn Monk, Antonio Graceffo.

Silat Tomoi is an ancient form of Malay martial art which combines kickboxing with blade fighting. The art originated from the northern part of Malaysia and the southern part of Thailand, a region which was once unified as a single kingdom. Silat Tomioi is a deadly component of the Muay arts (Muay Thai, Bradal Serey, Muay Lao, Muay Chaiya, and Lethwei). Tomoi focuses on destroying your opponent’s body with powerful elbow and knee strikes. But then, using the Silat component, fighting bare-knuckle, you move in, tearing and ripping your opponent with your hands, or you grapple and lock him to the ground, forcing submission or finishing him off with joint manipulations and chokes.

As deadly as the art is, unarmed, there is also a bladed combat component to Silat Tomoi.

The art comes from the place where Thai and Malay culture meet. And, it looks like what it is, a hybrid art, marrying Silat with Muay Thai. Many of the postures even look like Muay Thai Chaiya, which originated in Chaiya, the former capital of the ancient kingdom.

Antonio’s partner on this video project is Kru Jak Othman who is a leading figure in the Silat. As a young man, Jak studied in Kelantan which is the fighting region of Malaysia, where Silat and Tomoi mix. Professional Muay Thai and Tomoi fights are a favorite pastime in the Kelantan. Jak is the owner of Jak Othman Muay Thai schools in Selangor and was the award winning film maker who produced the video, “Inside Silat.” Locally, he is known for his TV show, “Maha Guru.”
The video was shot on location in Malaysia, by a professional film crew. The final product will be 45 minutes long. It was shot in HD and is high enough quality for TV broadcast. The video is being edited now, professionally, and will be released in June. Outside of Malaysia, the DVD will be available on as well as other websites. Inside of Malaysia the show may run on TV.

The content is part documentary and part how-to, but shot on several interesting locations in Malaysia, so it has a feel of travel and adventure. It deals with culture as well as hard-hitting elbow strikes that crush bones.

The Silat Tomoi DVD will be the first in a long series. There will be other Tomoi videos, as well as videos about other martial arts, both inside and outside of Malaysia. Currently, Antonio is studying Silat Kalam, a deeply religious form of Silat. Antonio is the first non-Muslim ever to be permitted to study the art. Silat Kalam will be featured in at least one of the coming episodes. The first non-Malaysian art Jak and Antonio plan to feature is Cambodian Bokator, and it will be the first Bokator video ever done.
Silat Tomoi DVD featuring Kru Jak Othman and Brooklyn Monk Antonio Graceffo, coming soon.

Special thanks to the kids at PJ and Subang, you guys are all warrior tigers! And remember, elbow strikes protect you from catching cold in the rain.

Antonio Graceffo is a martial arts and adventure author living in Asia. He is the author of the book, “The Monk from Brooklyn” and the host of the web TV show, “Martial Arts Odyssey,” which traces his ongoing journey through Asia, learning martial arts in various countries.

See all of Antonio’s videos on his youtube channel, brooklynmonk1, send him a friend request or subscribe.

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This episode was edited by Antonio Graceffo and features the official Martial Arts Odyssey intro and outro by Andy To.


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