Interview on Language Mastery Web TV

In Linguistics and Language Learning on May 8, 2009 at 6:05 am

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Language Mastery, a website run by John Fotheringham did a TV interview with me and are now running it as a pod cast as well as running it on their website. It was nice to get some recognition for linguistics and not just martial arts. The link is below. You can check it out. He asked me about the secret to learning foreign languages and questions about my language acquisition theories.

Interview for Foreign Language Mastery. You can check it out here:


In other news, I am fine. Still teaching school in Taiwan, waiting to leave. Planning to go to Australia to film martial arts Odyssey for two months but also hoping to squeeze in some filming in Cambodia and Thailand.


Martial Arts Odyssey is doing really well. The viewership is growing, and I have been getting a lot more requests for these types of TV interviews. They send me questions by email and I answer on camera and mail the tapes to them. If you know anyone who might want to do an interview with me, please send them my way.


Here is a link to my page on so you can see all of the newest episodes of Martial Arts Odyssey as well as my linguistics and travel videos.

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