Martial Arts Web TV Show Inspires and Educates

In Martial Arts on March 19, 2009 at 2:28 pm


 By David Calleja



Martial arts enthusiasts of all levels can now learn from the best trainers and

fighters in the industry by watching Martial Arts Odyssey on the internet.


Hosted and produced by Asian-based New Yorker Antonio Graceffo, Martial Arts Odyssey

has gained popularity by taking viewers into the heart of Asia, providing details of

fighting techniques across a range of disciplines. The show also emphasises the

importance of cardio and strength training.


Originally shot as a pilot in the Philippines two years ago, Martial Arts Odyssey

has expanded to cover a number of countries throughout Southeast Asia. There are now

over 20 episodes on the internet, with the promise of more to follow.


In addition to researching and filming martial and combat arts that are popular

amongst westerners, Martial Arts Odyssey places the spotlight on lesser known

fighting forms and others thought to have been extinct or are in danger of dying

out. Antonio discovered Bokator in Cambodia and Shan Lai Tai while in Burma’s

warzone with the rebel Shan State Army, and believes that he may have the only

footage of Master Kwan Wan to date performing this unknown art.


According to Antonio, the aim of the show is to encourage people to be the best they

can be through a combination of fitness, education and reaching goals in life. “I

hope to inspire them (people) to take a chance and go back to school, finish a

degree, start a business, change jobs, get a promotion, and (if possible), travel

and study martial arts and languages,” Antonio said.


With an extensive three decade career competing professionally in triathlons, boxing

and numerous martial arts (including the last eight years in Asia), Antonio

maintains a sharp focus and plans to extend Martial Arts Odyssey into Central Asia,

the Caribbean and Africa in the future.


You can subscribe to Antonio’s channel on YouTube and follow his trail around Asia

watch with Martial Arts Odyssey for free. The address is:


Contact Antonio by emailing:


Visit his website, Speaking Adventure, by typing:

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