Where I am now and what I am doing

In Motivational on September 14, 2008 at 1:35 pm

By Antonio Graceffo


Just wanted to touch base and let you know where I am and what i am doing.
I was in and out of
with the Shane State Army rebels for about five
months, doing a serties of short films and articles.

here is a link to my youtube films.

I left Thailand and headed to Philippines, where I completed a course for
EMT emergency medical technician. I also complete swim rescue training and
another black belt in traditional martial arts. I stayed in
volunteering on an ambulance crew in a pretty rough neighborhood, till my
money ran out. I had been living in a ten by ten, concrete room with no
windows, no air conditioning and only a wooden bed, with no mattress. It
was brutaly hot and terribly uncomfortable. Eventually, I couldnt even
afford this luxurious accomodation.

My plan was to return to Burma as a medic or medic trainer, but I ran out
of money completely. So, I went to
, my current location, where i am
teaching school. I taught English, wrestling, and Tae Kwan Do for the
summer and will be teaching English, writing, and public speaking for the

I have spoken to a couple of NGOs about going back to Burma, and maybe
cambodia, as a medic trainer and have talked to some film crews about
going back into Burma to do a higher quality documentary. It seems that I
will most likely be going back to Burma in December.

We are looking for markets for the film. I am looking for markets for the
stories. I am still looking to get my own TV series, and I am looking for
a publicher for the book about Burma.

If you have any connections or anyone who could help me out with any of
this, that would be huge.



Antonio Graceffo is a former investment banker. He left the world of finance to pursue his dream of being an adventure and martial arts author in Asia. For seven years he has traveled around Asia, living and studying in temples, learning languages and martial arts. He has published five books, available on and several hundred magazine articles. He is the host of the web TV show, “Martial Arts Odyssey.”

See his website: Join him on

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Antonio is a professional, motivational speaker, available to tell his inspirational story of rags-to-riches-and back to rags.



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