Shan martial Arts in American Media

In Martial Arts on July 19, 2008 at 3:09 am


Shan martial Arts in American Media

Antonio Graceffo


The Shan martial art of Lai Tai is nearly unknown outside of Shanland and is not that widely practiced inside of Shan State because of the SPDC prohibitions against Shan culture. Thank God, I met Kawn Wan, the Lai Tai teacher at Loi Tailang. Together, we did some videos and stories to help preserve the art and tell the world about it.


I am proud to say, our stories are running in America, the first EVER Shan Lai Tai stories to run in American media.


Kung Fu Magazine online has an article about me doing martial arts training with the SSA. Click here to read the story for free.


If you are in the States or any country where Kung Fu magazine is sold, you can pick up the latest issue and find a separate article, by Antonio Graceffo, which is completely dedicated to Lai Tai.


Also, if you pick up a copy of Black Belt magazine this month, I have a story in there about training in Muay Thai Boran, with Tony Jaa’s teacher, in Surin, Thailand.



As always, get in the gym, do your sets, do your reps, do your road work, but please, say a prayer for the people of Shan State.


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