New Shanland, Burma Video: A Summary of the Ethnic Conflict

In War in Burma on May 13, 2008 at 7:09 am


The Cyclone is new, but the Suffering is Old


By Antonio Graceffo


Rape, murder, forced labor, slavery, human mine detectors, torture, detention, mass execution: the sad life of the Shan ethnic minority.


Guest Producer Any To, of the United States, using my videos, photos and radio interviews, has created a summary video, explaining the suffering of the Shan minority people.


Watch it on youtube:


Please say a prayer for the victims of the cyclone and for the people of Shanland.


Antonio Graceffo has been embedded with the Shan State Army inside of Burma. This article is part of the “In Shanland” project. To raise awareness about the plight of the Shan people Antonio will release one print article and one video per week for a year. He is giving these media away for free to ensure that they will reach the largest audience. You can watch all of the Shan videos released to date on youtube.

Antonio is self-funded. If you wish to contribute to the “In Shanland” film project, you can do so through paypal, through the Burma page of his website.


Currently, Antonio is attending paramedic training in Manila, while waiting for word that he can return to Burma as part of a medical aid mission.





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