Burma Martial Arts video Lai Tai 1

In Martial Arts on February 28, 2008 at 7:46 am


Martial Arts Odyssey : Lai Tai (Part 1)

The Kung fu of the Shan People of Burma

By Antonio Graceffo


The Shan people migrated from China to Burma centuries ago, brining with them their own special brand of Chinese Kung Fu. Travel with Antonio Graceffo as he makes his way into the war zone of Burma to learn this ancient martial art at the military headquarters of the Shan State rebel Army. See the first Lai Tai video ever


Meet twenty year old Kawn Wan who first learned Lai Tai from monks in his village. After the Burmese government burned his village and killed his parents, he came to live in Li Tailang, Shan State Army headquarters, where he teaches Lai Tai to the orphans so that the Shan culture will not die out.


Antonio Graceffo has been embedded with the Shan State Army inside of Burma. This article is part of the “In Shanland” project. To raise awareness about the plight of the Shan people Antonio will release one print article and one video per week for a year. He is giving these media away for free to ensure that they will reach the largest audience. You can watch all of the Shan videos released to date on youtube.

Antonio is self-funded. If you wish to contribute to the “In Shanland” film project, you can do so through paypal, through the Burma page of his website. 


  1. I think that is very great than I think for I am a shan

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