New Shan Burma Video Colonel Yawd Serk

In War in Burma on February 9, 2008 at 4:48 pm

In Shanland: Interview with Colonel Yawd Serk, Commander of the Shan State Army

Antonio Graceffo


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Genral Khun Sa, the original commander of the MTA Mon Tai Army, made his way onto the FBI most wanted list as the largest drug dealer in the world. The US sought to extradite him from Burma to stand trial in America, but Kun Sa surrendered to the SPDC and lived under government protection in Yangon, in opulence, until his death.


In Shan State, a new army was formed, under Colonel Yawd Serk. The SSA (Shan State Army) has adopted a non-drug policy. At present, the SSA has between 6,000 and 10,000 troops. SSA has two large permanent bases near the Thai border, Loi Tailang and Loi Krovan. Both camps have become islands of safety for IDPs (internally displaced people) driven from their villages in Shan State.


Travel with Antonio Graceffo as he interviews the Colonel and finds out about his anti-drug policy, as well as the broken promises made by the Burmese government, and his people’s suffering at the hands of the SPDC. The Colonel hopes that one day, the Shan people will gain their independence and establish a democracy, and that they can return to their villages and live in safety and peace.


Antonio is self funded and will continue the “In Shanland” film and print article project until he is killed or captured. If you wish to contribute to the “In Shanland” film project, you can do so through paypal through the Burma page of his website


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